Jessica Alba updo for long or short hair!

I’m going to try alternating between formal and everyday styles in order to get through the variety of requests I’m getting. If you want a more every day tutorial just sit tight :)!


  1. Wow! Very beautyfull .
    Thank you for your how to.
    Love you girl.

  2. There are two additional braids at the bottom. Didn't see them until you started pin curling the bottom.

  3. Wow, thats a great tutorial!! That hairstyle is amazing i want to try it soon

  4. Wow. I tried it after the first try and it came out soo nice. I curled it before doing the bump but it still came out nice. I'm going to do it for prom. Thank you for the tips! 😀

  5. Thank you for this tutorial. My mom wants a similar style for my brothers wedding and I will use your techniques.

  6. 외국어라무슨말인진모르겠지만 좋은정보감사해요^^

  7. I made it for my wedding!!! And I loved it!!

  8. i lyove the way it looks on d syd and back…bt its too flat on the front….dsnt enhance d face :-/

  9. This must have taken a lot of smoothing and reading to get it from the video at 7.46 when you stopped pinning to 7.47 when it suddenly looked polished.

  10. how do you do it….it took like forever 😀 …..thnx..nice….

  11. question: what's the point of curling it if your just going to wrap it around your fingers? please answer

  12. U shouldn't use black for the writing coz u can't c it in se parts if the vid

  13. Sure you can! Give it a go. Practice makes perfect.

  14. It says long or short hair! Stop yelling please and read the title of the video.

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  16. Thanks for the tutorial. I've been looking for this tutorial for quite awhile. Tnx very much.

  17. i wonder if i'll be able to do this :c

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  20. omg you have exactly what JK Rowling imagined Hermione's teeth would look like 🙂 cute

  21. It's really bad for your hair to straighten and then curl, she would have been better to start with curls all over.

  22. Wtf? She does not look like a horse…she is very pretty! & I love this hair, doing it tomorrow 🙂

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