Jessica Burciaga Makeup Tutorial


  1. Whats the name of the ocean soundtrack on the video?…sounds beautiful!

  2. Does anyone know the name of the song in the end of the video? Please 🙂

  3. Wow looking at all your old videos you have lost ALOT of weight since 2012

  4. Hi Carli 🙂 Would you please tell me the name of the second song in the video, i've been seaching for it for so very long now 🙂
    Lots of love from Thea, Denmark 🙂

  5. You are so beautiful!! Love u Carli xoxo

  6. your seriouslyy justt so beautiful

  7. I wanted to see all your video's thats why I saw this one later than all the new ones but girl.. you're so much prettier than Jessica!! She looks like JLo that's not unique…. U are unique there's no one who looks like you!! And.. you do your hair and make up all by yourself and it looks so good!! You're really talented! Can she do this too and look so AMAZING as you? I doubt it.. I think Jessica is really beautifull but I like you even better and you are all natural xxxx from Holland!

  8. Jessica does playboy I don't think a girl that's beautiful would do that just saying:/ she is pretty tho

  9. why can't you live near me to do my makeup for prom!!!

  10. Where can I purchase that ELF palette at a store?

  11. Love the highlights in your hair.

  12. If you can't say anything nice people just walk away and say nothing. Thanks. Ms. Carli thank you for the great lessons. You have a beautiful spirit.

  13. its annoying when you the camera kisses.. conceited much?

  14. lol the background music sounds like porn music .. love you tho (:

  15. What is the name of the second piano song :)? it really beautiful 🙂

  16. I wish there was a I love button. I have a elf platte and didn't have any ideas on what to do with it. Thank you for showing me! You are way prettier then Jessica:)

  17. Hello you can make of the other Jessica Buriciagua's tuto

  18. You remind me a lot of Kim Kardashian.

  19. bybel u r beautiful…<3 And i love ur eyes

  20. *crazily in love with kim kardashian oops sorry lol

  21. Oh my goodness Carlie i have to say i was absolutely crazuly totaly insanely with Kim Kardashian,but once i came across you on youtube i havnt even payed attentrion to her..i honestly thibk yyu are waaaay prettier and i would love to learn how to do my makeup just like you do yours. im actusaly thinking about taking some mac classes 🙂 btw thank you for everything you do your amazing and so pretty.pls post more videos css just like me im pretty sure every girl appreciates it. I LOVE YOU CARLI< 3

  22. But I do know that she is a playboy model and does look likE J Lo but wayyyy hotter

  23. Jessica's website doesn't work

  24. you are soo beautiful!! flaunt it babe xoxo

  25. I only heard of Jessica Burciaga from The Dirty !!!!! Lol only from certain angles she looks like Jennifer lopez

  26. Are you serious? She is like nothing compared to you. Now you are probably in the top ten beautiful people in the world.

  27. i love all ur tutorials i just came across your channel:) and i love how you use afordable makeup

  28. My sons dad is Jessica burciaga cousin…

  29. you are prettier than jessica burciaga!!!

  30. I agree! You're really gorgeous 🙂 and lots of your videos helped me, thank you Carli 🙂

  31. Mademoiselle, vous êtes magnifique! J'adore la façon laquelle vous mène ce tutorial. TRès beau maquillage. Bien que votre beauté aide beaucoup! Car je pense que tout vous va bien! J'aimerais bien avoir ces gros yeux… merci pour les vidéos. Bisou

  32. Jessica burciaga is ugly. U r better looking than her. Jessica hot one ugly face….just a fit body that's all

  33. you have the most amazing features!

  34. Jessica does look like Jennifer; I though that's who the pic was of at first.

  35. Do you have a video up on your hair in this video? 😮 Its sooo nice

  36. her voice is so soothing lol, I'll try this make-up soon 🙂

  37. You remind me of Annie Jaffrey on youtube.

  38. you're cute but your eyebras look TOOO fake. takes away from your face

  39. at minute 6:00 you look so much like megan fox 🙂 love ya

  40. I adore Jessica Burciaga ! She's so sexy and I like her make-up's 🙂

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