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HIIII MY LOVE BUGS 😀 I was so excited to sit down and film today! I missed you guys!! Its been quite some time since i’ve done a favorites video! So today I wanted to talk about some favs from the past few months! And they are all cruelty free which makes them that much better 🙂 I plan on filming another video this week as well as pick my giveaway winners!! Comment below and let me know what you want to see next on my channel! I’ll be looking!! Thank you all for being so patient with me. I love you FOREVER!!! XOXO Carli

JUNE/JULY Favorites!
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Kiss Black Aloe Eyelash Glue http://amzn.to/2aJhb5b
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  1. Somehow i miss the old Carli. She looked younger and happier in her old videos… but I still like her. : )

  2. Try coconut oil it works wonders for eczema skin

  3. Carli you are beautiful! i work at a dermatology office and also have suffered with eczema since i was a kid, its unfortuantely a genetic thing that can be triggered by stress and environemt. Moisturizing daily, taking an anti-histamine daily like zyrtec or claritin (these ones shouldn't make you sleepy), benadryl for at night and when you have a flare using a topical steroid- prescription strength is best so you'll have to see a doctor. Topicort, betamethasone, triamcinolone cream or ointment are strong and if you use them on your rash or itchy areas twice a day for 2 weeks your rash will be gone. It will always come back eventually but maintaining it with an antihistamine, using gentle cleasers/moisterizers daily such as cera ve products, cetaphil or something along those lines, avoiding hot showers, avoiding dairy and egg products which you seem to have already handled will all help! It's a pain but it can become more manageable. i feel your pain girl!

  4. Hi Carli. I am very breakout prone… do you think the Graftobian foundation is an ok option? Thank you!!!

  5. Which lipstick are u wearing in this tutorial??

  6. Even though it's not make up… I suffer from severe eczema Carli can you please made a video of all the BRANDS of the vegan foods you have tried. i'm desperate for healthy food alternative

  7. Hi Carli! My mum struggles with eczema. Even though we live in Australia, she uses goats milk soap and it helps immensely. I'm sure you could find an organic one where you are too. If you ever can get your hands on it just give it a try if you haven't already 🙂 xo

  8. where are ur earrings from plssssss answer

  9. What lipstick is she wearing?? Normally she links them below

  10. My fave lashes ??? I use them and they are so cheap

  11. Hi Carli I have a suggestion for your eczema. My brother had it as a child and my mum would put a couple of drops of pure evening primrose oil on his toast every morning. This cleared it up after about three months. As an adult I then started to get eczema and then tried evening primrose and it seemed to work for me too. It's defiantly worth a try ?

  12. Carli I feel your pain! I have struggled with Eczema my whole life. I have seen numerous dermatologist, allergist, and other doctors with no real answers. They have told me my ezcema was everything from ring worm to lupus. About 5 years ago I changed my dermatologist when my eczema got so painful. They told me I was allergic to Tide detergent. I washed all of my clothes in different detergent (All, Free and Clear). It cleared up my eczema almost immediately. So if you haven't tried changing your detergent I would definitely try it. I still get ezcema though just not near as severe : ( I have 3 cats too that I am allergic to but I am going through allergy immunotherapy which I think is helping!

    Thank you for loving animals, thank you for choosing vegan, cruelty-free products, and thank you for sharing your story about ezcema! It makes all of us who do struggle with it feel a little more normal : ) Thank you for being YOU! Love you!

  13. Am I the only one who had a semi heart attack when she pulled the dropper thingy out of her becca foundation?! I thought it was gonna drop foundation on her beautiful cream colored top.. like CAN YOU IMAGINE?!? ? phew crisis averted ??

  14. I know this isnt a recent video… but the rash may be from cat dandruff… i get that way and thought it was eczema… i am sure by now the reason is known… hahaha but thought id suggest it…

  15. You could have a gluten sensitivity and/or other food sensitivities (NOT allergies). You'd have to see a functional medicine doctor to test for those…. it's so worth it.

  16. I have heard gluten free helps some people with eczema!

  17. Please do a tutorial on this eye makeup! it's so pretty!! If she has a video on it already, please someone let me know!

  18. eczema is a sign of what's going on inside your body. going vegan will not make it better. Have you tried going paleo? it heals your gut and eventually heal your eczema as well.

  19. Have you tried xyzal.. I grew up with eczema and ever since I've been taking it my eczema has disappeared.. it's an allergy medicine that you take nightly

  20. The shade ginger has been there for a while. I've been using that shade of the NARS concealer since last year! ❤️

  21. Hey ! First of I loooove your videos I feel like you are really inspiring. Second, for you eczema sometime living around constant construction dries your skins and create irritation. Especially if they sand surfaces this is the worst, dust is your enemy lol. All this weaken your skin and spread eczema. I would say be patient and in the meantime try to stay away from the dust 🙂 it won't resolve everything but as soon as the constructions are done you might go back to square one 🙂 hope that helps 🙂

  22. Hi Carli, I live in Colombia, do you know if i can get the palette here? Snap fam! ??

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