Kathleen Lights Nail Polish

Kathleen Lights Nail Polish | Newest Line From Makeup Tutorials Maven

It’s official! Kathleen Lights nail polish is here and it’s beyond pretty! Famous Youtuber Kathleen Fuentes is taking the beauty industry by storm as she brings you her new nail polish line called KL polish. Yes, she is beyond makeup! Exciting right? Here’s what you should know about her latest endeavor.

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It was finally revealed that the Kathleen Lights nail polish line is indeed happening, ending several months of speculations. No, unlike the past endeavors of the pretty media influencer, this line is not in collaboration with another major brand. It’s something she developed and is distributing. Pretty intriguing, right? It’s amazing how Kathleen has transformed her popularity by making her own brand.

It looks like the Kathleen Lights nail polish is going to be a major favorite among us nail junkies based on the sneak peek of the product. The colors are fresh and warm. The packaging is hip. More importantly, it doesn’t have crappy ingredients found in other products. I bet her 1.5 million Instagram followers and 2.7 million Youtube subscribers will be floored to have all of the colors found on her nail polish line.

I know you’re dying to know more. Well, here’s the lowdown on the Kathleen Lights nail polish line.

The line was inspired by her love for nail polish

The line was inspired by her love for nail polish | Kathleen Lights Nail Polish | Newest Line For Your Nail Designs
Image via Kathleen Lights

The Youtuber admitted her business journey with Kathleen Lights nail polish began because of her love for painting nails. She said her love affair with nail polish began when she was only a little girl. Apparently, Kathleen would spend hours looking at her sister’s nail polish. It’s this penchant for  nail polish that led her mom to suggest that she should come up with her own line. The rest, they say, is history.

It has six shades and is reasonably priced

It has six shades and is reasonably priced | Kathleen Lights Nail Polish | Newest Line For Your Nail Designs
Image via KL Polish

The initial Kathleen lights nail polish line comes in six different shades inspired by the colors of Fall. There’s Brick, which is in the family of rustic warm terra-cotta hue. Broccoli & Chocolate, a dark chocolate shade, is also available as well as Caramello a mustard Yellow shade. The other three shades are Gumption, a deep blue hue; Snickerdoodle, a creamy light nude; and Zoey, a mauve color loved by most beauty junkies.

All shades can be bought for $8.50. A reasonable price for such an amazing product. This line will surely be part of your stash. Make sure though to store your collection in a nice storage.

The line is only available at klpolish.com

The packaging is all Kathleen ever wanted | Kathleen Lights Nail Polish | Newest Line For Your Nail Designs
Image via klpolish

If you’re among the millions raring to get a hold of the Kathleen Lights nail polish, you can place your orders at the website. They currently ship to the United States including Hawaii and Alaska, and Canada. Shipping within the US is priced at $4.95 while shipping to Canada is at $8.95. Unfortunately, all the nail polish colors are not available as of this writing. I checked the website and all the hues in her initial line are sold out. Surprise, surprise!

I have no doubt that Kathleen Lights nail polish will be a massive hit. There will be millions of patrons for this promising product just by judging from her followers and fans. KL polish will officially launch on December 5 but everything is already sold out! Unluckily, I wasn’t as quick as everyone else in placing their orders. I guess I need to wait a little bit longer to have my own taste of this new line. But, hey! I can at least enjoy some cute outfits for now while waiting for my Kathleen Lights nail polish.

Are you excited to find out about the latest Kathleen Light nail polish line from one of the most lovable media influencer? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.