Katy Perry Inspired Makeup

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Celia Makeup 120 Pallet light purple
Mac pigment “Quietly”, “violet”, “vanilla”
Brushes: MAC 213, 224, 233, 210
Purple glitter
MAC fix + (for glitter liner)
Bobbi brown gel liner
Loreal Telescopic mascara
Mac lashes #48

Mac Creme de nude lipstick
Mac Boy bait lip gloss

Dress: Bebe (recently)

Song: Katy Perry Thinking of you



  1. i love of how carli never change in the way of personality or how she presents her self in the viideo

  2. You should have more views. Your tutorials are amazing!

  3. Love your makeup and lashes

  4. u lost weight girl! good job you look fantastic =)))))

  5. Watching all your old videos, just wishing I knew then what I do now! Lol wish I could go and tell you you're about to be the happiest girl ever (Brett) and of course you get even more talented and beautiful! I adore you! ?
    Xoxo Casey!

  6. So beautiful 🙂 just like in every video <3

  7. Is she wearing contacts? Cause her eyes look green andthey are blue right?

  8. Looks halloween inspired instead of Katy Perry inspired

  9. You are sooooososo gorgeous!!! I cant describe it.

  10. Can you make a video on how to put in your hair extensions?

  11. Iam a katycat i love katy perry ! 😉

  12. your pretty and i looovvvveeee your eyes!

  13. cool thank you ! how was the elf?

  14. i think its to help the makeup last all day long. like you spray it all over your face before and after you do your makeup.
    try the elf one

  15. thank you for this!! I love purple . but what is the mac fix for and what does it do .can I use another liquid (cheaper) ? ive seen ppl use it to liquefy eyeshadows into liners but what is it?

  16. can u make a video on how to do ur nails like they r in the video

  17. She is not ugly she is beautiful ur just a jerk or jealous of her beauty

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