Kendall Jenner BEAUTY Hacks EVERY GIRL Should KNOW !!

Hey Loves I decided to do a Kendall Jenner Beauty hacks every girl should know! You guys seemed to love my Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian beauty hacks ! Leave more requests down below!!


  1. Winx Club beuty hacks please


  3. idk if youre still doing this series thing but if you are, I'd love to see a Cara Delevingne beauty hacks video?

  4. You look like Nina Dobrev soo much!! ??

  5. How did she get the music in the intro

  6. washing your face 2-3 times a day is INSANE and totally unhealthy. You will strip your skin of healthy flora and oils and cause increased breakouts and dermatitis or other skin probz

  7. Do a fifth harmony

  8. will you please do zendaya that would be so cool ? thanks love your channel ??? ❤?

  9. can you do Bella Hadid or hailey Baldwin

  10. lottie tomlinson plz❤❤

  11. Can we use shampoo for the hair Life hack ??

  12. I thought that lip fillers would make you the perfect woman.

  13. how is washing your face a hack? these videos should be called beauty TIPS from celebrities, but still i like it very much and have a nice day everyone ?

  14. In certain scenes I feel like she honestly looks like Kendall!

  15. Miley cyrus life hacks

  16. can you do one about Cara Delevingne? ?❤

  17. can i use a little bit of wash out conditioner instead of leave in?

  18. do holland roden next please xx

  19. You should do a drugstore makeup tutorial!

  20. why am I watching this? i'm not even a girl… but i'm intrigued

  21. Why do you remind me of Nina dobrev????

  22. GEEKELT SALT:D i dd bot know that you are Greek

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