Keroppi Nail Art

♡ Cutepolish’s Commentary
♥ This tutorial will show you how to create Keroppi Nail Art. He is a cute and adorable Sanrio character! I hope you enjoy 🙂

♡ Products Used
♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
♥ Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green As Envy
♥ OPI Black Onyx
OPI Alpine Snow
♥ Essie Good To Go Top Coat

♡ Music


  1. I thought it was Kermet the frog from the muppets??

  2. OMG< I love keroppi too..I'm starting to obsess over it all over again like when I was a teen…ahahaha. If u like keroppi, you should check out my 'whats in my bag' video on my channel Lolita LovesALL… I have some sanrio items in the vid if ur interested!!  I love this nail art!!!!!

  3. This was uploaded one day after my birthday

  4. Before the video started I thought you misspelled Kermit. I even thought the nail design was Kermit. Totally subscribed and liked almost all of your vids!( haven't seen them all yet)

  5. i think Keroppi looks like Keroppi!

  6. Can you do Omnom or Domo next? i really love your tutorials

  7. I thought it was Kermit the frog! 🙂

  8. The frog I thought wuz a she .lol

  9. It a real adorable nail art

  10. oh wow i didnt know that was a frog!

  11. It would look cuter if you did a background color

  12. am i the only one that thinks that thumbs up if… is annoying? thumbs up if u think so too… oh, wait…

  13. I want little twin stars nail art…… =[

  14. Hello kitty wasn't made in Japan they just are obsessed

  15. Omg this is so cute! Love keroppi! Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. Do that little character in the game cut the rope!

  17. hmmmm is anyone thinking of kermit?

  18. I like much….. kiss kiss .. bye bye

  19. I love that design I'm so going to do it thanx

  20. LIKE SO CUTEPOLISH CAN SEE! What camera do you use, and how do you make it still?

  21. love it looks easy hope it is going to try it

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