KIM KARDASHIAN: KKW Ultralight Beam Glow + Glosses REVIEW!

Today I’m testing out the highly anticipated KKW Beauty Ultralight Beam Glow + Gloss Duos created by Kim Kardashian West! The sparkly lip toppers/lipglosses + powders look perfect for the Holidays, but are they any good? I am of course putting them to the test to see if they are! And for $160.00 I sure pray it’s amazing!!!


ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. Bronze or copper omg soo beautiful!

  3. COPPER ? like yaaas slay queeeeen ????

  4. I have to agree with you on that copper tone girl it’s so beautiful and pigmented especially on your lip color and like yesssss girl I just love your Chanel !!! I’m def team nicki nude lips bronze Smokey eyes extra tutorials!!???????

  5. Nikkietutorials jij bent toch Nederland

  6. NikkieTutorials my favorite is bronze one✨ It looks absolutely stunning on you ❤️??

  7. Copper is definitely my favorite lipgloss of the bunch.
    I must add, your natural lips are stunning! ???

  8. I love your entire eye look! The rose gold pigment is my favourite on the eyes but the copper gloss with the pigment as well on the lips….need it!!!

  9. My favourite one is the yellow gold it is so bomb ???❣❣???

  10. I was dying for the shade Copper!?

  11. My favourite colour is definitely Rose Gold ?

  12. I wish you had shown the whole look in this video! It's so beautiful!!!

  13. the copper lipgloss is sooooo pretty?

  14. Favourite gloss and pigment has to be iridescent!!! Will definitely get this to use as a highlighter ✨✨

  15. OMG!!!! The copper is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm living for it! Definetly my favorite! ?

  16. my favorite is definitely iridescent ????

  17. The rose gold pigment on the eyes was so pretty ? and my favourite gloss was definitely the bronze one ?

  18. Ny favorite is the Copper:))

  19. Hi Nikkie ? I really love the Irridescent combo and the Copper combo ???

  20. My fave was definitely the copper one! The iridescent I think doesn’t look good on pale skin tones it too icy for me

  21. I love the looks ! My favorite one is the bronze one, it looks bombbbbbbbbb

  22. My favourite gloss is either the copper or the bronze ❤️ snapfam ✌?

  23. I liked the iridescent combo just because it was a little bit funkier ?

  24. The snapchat fam knows the secret lol………

  25. My personal favorite was the one you put on!!!! ?

    i love the rose gold lipgloss but the sparkles in the bronze just swept me away <3

  27. she threw so much shade at him in this video

  28. I love your eye make up sooo much! That palette is everything ?❤️

  29. Fave colour is copper. With that pigment on top. Oh mah gawd. The Lord has given us a chanceeeee to be seen! Love you nikki??????

  30. In love with rose gold and iridescent ?

  31. iridescent or rose gold i cant decide

  32. How am i able to pick a favorite when they are all so DROP DEAD GORGEOUS !!!! ????✨

  33. OMG! My fave gloss is copper! ❤️❤️❤️

  34. I was just starring at those amazing ear piercings ??

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