Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial – Day Time Glam | Jaclyn Hill

What I styled my hair with: Here


  • Makeup Geek shadows:
  • Peach smoothie, creme brulee, cocoa bear
  • The balm mineralize eyeshadow – work is overrated
  • Mylar e/s
  • Shroom e/s
  • Velour lashes – strike a pose
  • Prep+Prime highlighter – Radiant rose
  • Prolong wear concealer -nw20
  • Mineralize Foundation – NC35
  • Bobbi Brown Bronzer – Golden Light
  • Honey Jasmine blush
  • Mary Lou manizer highlighter – the balm
  • Khroma natural joystick
  • “innocent” lipstick
  • Chelsea girls – Nars


  1. Little did this Jaclyn know she would be meeting Kim K a few years down the track !!! <3

  2. I can't imagine spending this much time putting on makeup. Do you have any quick makeup tips?

  3. You are such an inspiration !!!

  4. I'm binge watching you!

  5. i love this look so much! nothing too crazy but still so flawless!

  6. Rewatching all the old vids ?????

  7. Lol, you were so cute back then and you still are! Made me giggle when you pulled out your "lip bag" and said it was "too much". Giiiirl, that's nothing compared to what you have now! Haha. Love looking back on your old videos and compare it to now. You're still such a beautiful human being. You're just a bloomed flower now. I love you Jaclyn!! You will always be my favorite ❤️ You are truly amazing and deserve the best in everything. xo ps. Snapchat fam! ?

  8. According to Wayne Goss, you are doing your powder all wrong lol

  9. do you have an eyeliner tutorial? I love your eyeliner

  10. I love youuu Jaclyn !!!! . Your awesome !!!!. 

  11. What do you plan to do when you get older? Like 40s and 50s? Still work at MAC? (I'm just curious)

  12. kims signature lip look is usually a nudey beige not pink 

  13. I.LOVE.YOU' watching all off your old videos…. Peeper here?????

  14. hey jacklyn!!!  I absolutely love you but the thing is that I just cant get my makeup to look like yours because of blemishes could you make a video on how to cover up things like that!!!!please would really appreciate it. p.s : I love you your so beautiful

  15. I love this look and it would be so pretty for Valentine's Day!

  16. I've watched every single video of yours probably about 6 or 7 times. I love it I love your channel and I love you. I talk abput ypu to my mom and my sis and they're both always like shut up already and I tell them that you are my girl crush(btw u really are :P)
    Love you Jaclyn <3

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