Kim Kardashian Shamed For Her “Gross Toe” In Bikini Pic

When you’re a superstar like Kim Kardashian, making news headlines is just another day of the week. Whether she’s showing off her marshmallow blonde hair or simply sitting on the beach, Kim sure knows how to grab everyone’s attention.


As always, Kim got on top of our newsfeed with her most recent bikini pic. We admit she does make us feel a bit bad for not having that summer body or tan (yet), but hey at least she keeps us inspired!  It seems like whatever the reality TV star says or does becomes the new trend. Some people have even gone as far as mutilating their own body to look exactly like Kim Kardashian! We totally understand why people are obsessed with Kim but getting plastic surgery to look like her isn’t exactly our cup of tea…

Anyway, back to Kim’s bikini pic!  She’s tweeted a good ol’ classic photo of her legs on the beach which we absolutely loved until some people started noticing something strange. Turns out Kim Kardashian missed her pedicure appointment because her toe looks really gross!  Some people have completely lost it and we understand why. We’ll let you judge it yourself:

Kim’s obviously no stranger to critics from the public. In an interview for Interview Magazine she said “We share so much all the time on the show. I obviously get a little bit more protective of my daughter because that’s always been such a struggle. We have strict rules about the kids.Some seasons they’re not on at all. Some seasons they’re on a little bit, just to show a bit of personality, although there are never storylines about them. But then there’s social media, on which I’ve always been really open. When I’m out and people call North’s name, that’s when it’s weird for me. She lives such a normal life, believe it or not, at home”.

Maybe she was just too busy making sure her kids have a normal life and forgot to take care of her toes! Whatever the reason might be, we’re not judging. We’ve all had our days and Kim sharing her’s kinda makes us feel better.

Kim, you keep doing you, we’ll keep following you on social media with or without gross toes!