Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Makeup

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  1. I see a nose job and chin enhancement work done, just pointing out the obvious :p

  2. You look like Kim Carly.So beautiful :*

  3. I enjoy watching your videos and absolutely love how you use make up that is more accessible to the masses (makeup without breaking the bank)

  4. You have the most crazy-beautiful eyes omg

  5. Would this work with a red or hot pink lipstick?? (Candy yum yum) ♡♡

  6. why the people doesn't give a like?:c

  7. Just wondering how pigmentated the elf palette is I always tend to buy mac or illamasqua but hey can't have it all

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  9. Luv the tutorial and luv that you used the ELF palette to create the look!

  10. Omg u do look like kim here 🙂 very gwapa 🙂

  11. If you love doing really theatrical makeup I would love to see a michael jackson face tutorial. I know it might sound crazy to some but I love MJ and he has so many contours to his face etc. It would be a challenge I know and I have yet to see a woman do it here on YT. I think it would be very cool to see a woman pull it off because after he got over 35 and up in age he changed so dramatically and looked some what feminine in facial structure.

  12. I have to say that you have the best eye lids and the perfect shaped eyes to do any look, also you have gorgeous full lips and high cheekbones and thick eye brows! You have the oval shape face 99.99% want too! You r gorgeous on the inside and outside and I can tell you will never take that for granted. You have been blessed with both beauties! At least you will never have to spend any money on plastic surgery because you are perfect and look like one of those models in the doctors office!

  13. Beautiful. I love your videos. I was led to this by the Kim tutorial you uploaded today. Thank you girl

  14. Great job! You always have great videos there straight to the point and flawless

  15. you look like khloe more than kim

  16. круто.ты классная.говорила бы еще по русски вообще цены нет тебе

  17. I love this look but you actually look a bit more lije khloe 🙂

  18. she looks just like kim k

  19. I did this makeup for my brother wedding, and all my family loved!!! ^_^Thanks for the tips doll <3

  20. i love this look so much. I've been looking for a perfect look to do for prom & I think this will look perfect w/ my dress. I'm so excited to see how it looks on me!

  21. whats up with your profile pic? lol

  22. saying this is way better than anybodys is a bit much. lol

  23. you seem to be beautiful outside, but more beautiful Inside.
    Love your quotes! makes me feel better to read them.

  24. Just bought the lipgloss, thanks for the discount!!!!! Your awesome!

  25. I would totally wear this during the day but without the eyelashes

  26. Ilove ur quote at the begining of the video

  27. Omg!! Im like hipnotized.. You are super pretty!! O.o and that tuttorial was amazing!

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  29. i love how much easier these looks are compared to other peoples are, yet they look so beautiful! thanks so much….will definitely be trying this look out!

  30. beautiful! hey carli whats the first song callled?

  31. Vfggggddnhfhdgdhdhcggfbfnbfhfbgbfbcnbcbcbvncbvbcbcbcbvbcbvbhfhch

  32. Does anybody else felt in love with her? cause I do

  33. Diossss..!!!! Esta mujer es hermosaaaaaaaa

  34. omg i just did it and i look GORGEOUS thank u o much cause its very easy and fun to do Love ur blog im ur fan <3

  35. ur soooo much more beautiful than Kim!! x

  36. omg you depress so stunning!!!!!!!

  37. If I'm not wrong, it should be from the Kardashian Kollection!


  39. you looklike kim kardashion in a way …your beautiful

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