Kim Kardashian West has collaborated with her makeup artist bestie Mario Dedivanovic! In the KKW x Mario collection is a glam eyeshadow palette ($45), two perfect nude lip glosses ($18 each) and a gorgeous nude lipstick ($20). I got my hands on the collection and will be putting it to the test in a NEW series: FACE MATCH. Today’s guest artist is @mmmmitchell – hope you enjoy!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. Both were beautiful but I liked Mitchell’s a little better ?

  3. Love this series love you ???????

  4. i love Mitchell's look but i like Nicki's more

  5. They're both awesome! I relly enjoyed the whole idea of the video

  6. great idea for the video! looking forward to more. Mitchel's look is very artistic, but the look you created is just as beautiful, snd more wearable and flattering, so imho you win 🙂

  7. Both are so beautiful, Mitchel for night. Kisses from Bosnia ❤️

  8. This palette looks nice. The first time im actually interested in a kkw product.

  9. Nikkie this was such a treat to see both of you in action such an amazing idea thank you!

  10. I love Mitchell's side coz the "spotlight" is really doing its job. I feel like uttering "wow" whenever you close your eyes when I see that side…plus, I don't know if it's just me but before he completed the center I saw a blended reflection of colors when the cam was on front view and color reflection changed when you angled your face to the side. But honestly i envy your skills in blending! ???Looking forward to more of this..yassss.

  11. Mitchel + niki = nuclear makeup life

  12. Both did a great job…The eye look is amazing?

  13. no doubt that nikkie has perfected her eye shape. you both did incredible

  14. Nikkie.. we get it, you’ve just got your lips injections??‍♀️

  15. Oh I am LOVING this new series! I am living for both looks but Nikkie, your look is more of something I would do on a daily basis. Mitchell’s would be something I would try for a photo shoot though!!

  16. You are so close to 10mil♥️♥️

  17. The production value is so high quality omg

  18. Loved this video omg yassss love mitchell yasssss

  19. Anyone watching is the winner. Those looks are beautiful.

  20. I prefer Nikki's side because it opens up her eyes while still being cool and smoky

  21. Amazing! You are so talented

  22. This is such a cool video! wowwow

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