KL Polish Fall in the City Review & Live Swatches!


  1. Just a quick FYI.. these are all two coats! I applied a pretty thin layer to some because I tend to do that when I'm being careful not to get it on the skin. The second layer is a lot thicker which covers it way more. Plus some second coat clips were taken at different times, so the first layer may have been thicker since I had to redo certain shades. Anyywayyyyss, hope you enjoyed this collection! xo

  2. ??❤??
    My Favorite's are Jane, 1435 & YZMA. They are such Beautiful Colors. The Peanut Butter looked exactly like Peanut Butter, but I know it wouldn't look good on my nails with my skin tone. Medusa & Cafe Disco are Beautiful as well but I am just not into metallics to much.

  3. Kathleen KILLED this collection. These are my favorite kinds of shades.

  4. Love the dark purple yzma and hoping to find it in stores near me

  5. Cafe disco is my fav. I wish I had that one for the fall. Can't afford it sadly?

  6. there was NO WAY that was only 2 coats for medusa … or cafe disco… or even yzma… who are you fooling.. come on.

  7. Their absolutly perfect!
    Are u sure we should choose??

  8. I really like 1435 and Jane! I think I have some similar but not exactly those and now I need them ?

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