KL Polish Havana Heat Review & Live Swatches!


  1. Your painting is SO clean… you don't even need to clean the edges! got them all perfect at the first attemp! I'm so jealous >.< haha

  2. I love how u show the first swach than the next one

  3. do a video on visting your nail polish roon or collection

  4. I love matanzas polish its so pretty and I can use it with my opi Russian navy and I wish havana had a purple polish similar to matanzas

  5. That's a lot of coats ? 2 coats of polish is about as much as I'll do.

  6. Watching you put on nail polish is so satisfying I love these colors I think the blue one is my favorite! Great Swatch Hannah. ❤❤❤

  7. Hiiii Hannah!!!! I love all the 6 colors ???❤️???????????❣️ bt I love the Matanzas and Cha Cha Cha polish the most… ❣️???????????❤️???
    Juli had also swatched the same KL polish… ??????

    Thanks for Swatching… ??????!!!

  8. Omg I love these and I don’t know which one to pick first ??‍♀️?

  9. Not to be creepy at all but I love your accent at the way you pronounced the polish names ?❤️

  10. Anyone come here right after watching Julie’s video ? ❤️❤️

  11. Beautiful swatches, thanks for sharing!

  12. Love all the shades. Need this collection in my life,lol

  13. I love your videos Soo much!❤️❤️ And I love these videos ❤️❤️???

  14. Juli just did one, but I want to watch this one too.

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