Knotted Braid + 4 Ways to Wear!

I did not create the knotted braid – it’s a hairstyling technique that has been around for a while and you may have seen on various blogs / videos.

Thanks for watching!


  1. This is so frustrating. Every thing I tested failed so far.

  2. Will it work with wet hair?

  3. Hi Can I learn your lipstick's name? Pls I liked it so much ?

  4. I like it..I'll be trying this very soon. )

  5. How do I pin my hair in the back if have very thick hair? bobby pins don't stay in place 🙁

  6. I have VERY thick, long hair (about 2" below my waist) and I ALWAYS struggle with updo's that incorporate ALL my hair. I also struggle with being able to do the things I see to my own head. My husbands best friend is getting married today and I allowed myself 3 hours (yes, I said 3 HOURS) to do my hair. This was so fast and so easy that it was done in less then 30 minutes and I LOVE IT! And all this hair will be off my neck for this beach wedding! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  7. Could you do a set of hairstyles to go with a business casual look? 

  8. Your mother in law told me to look you up on here because she liked how I wore my hair I love your videos!!!!

  9. I've fallen in love with this hairstyle

  10. Im gonna need a lot more hands and mirrirs to suceed doing all these !!!!

  11. You are actually one of the best in doing hair style tutorials I've ever seen! Keep on doing this! 

  12. I was like: "Yeah ok, I'm totally gonna manage this Hair Style!"….My Hair were like:" Nope you don't!!"…

  13. Okay – okay: I'm able to do a french & dutch braid, fishtail braid, french & dutch fishtail braid BUT KNOTTING IS TOO HARD FOR ME!

  14. Ugh I regret cutting my hair! My hair is shoulder length n I have extensions but it's not the same?

  15. please do more hairstyle easy plzzzz im waiting to you and thanx alot you are soo beautiful 🙂 :***

  16. I love your hair! and the color!!

  17. OMG, thanks this is so beautiful, i'm not very good in english, i wanna ask, the color of your hair, you do yourself?, or you give the instructions in the salon, because i wanna a different color at the end of my hair, but like yours, intermittent? i really don't know if i explain myself, but if you can explain me this, i really aprecciate this, i love the look. 🙂

  18. You always have te best idea of hairstyle. That is amazing!

  19. I have really curly hair but I'm gonna try it thanks xx

  20. I love the ponytail! You look like linsey Lohan but way more gorgeous!!

  21. Can you pleassee do a make up look tutorial!!

  22. J'adore !! trés bonne chaine et trés bonne idée !! et je voudrais bien tes cheveux :p merci de partager tout ceci 🙂

  23. It's sooooo unfair!!!!!!!!!! :'( You have phenomenal hair! 🙂 

  24. At 1.56 you looked like another person!

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