KYLIE COSMETICS Birthday Collection – Review & Swatches

Today I’m doing a first impressions/playtime video on the NEW Kylie Cosmetics 2017 Birthday Collection! This hot new launch comes with a bunch of beauty… it’s almost too much to handle! I test out the formulas and show you exactly what I think. Curious to see if these one day will become a favorite? Watch and find out!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. Haha I am LOVING all the "how are you so tan!?" comments! ? Rick and I changed up the set up a little bit, but we feel like it made me look to tan, and muddy. SO WE'RE GOING BACK TO PALE OLD GHOST NIKKIE IN THE NEXT VIDEO! ???♥️✨

  2. I REALLY like your eye shadow on u in this video sometimes u do it a little to dark and it looks a little over exaggerated but ITS STILL PRETTY!

  3. I love how u do your makeup. It is so beautiful.

  4. You are rely funny and you are also good at makeup

  5. lmao make your lips feel like dried up buttholes

  6. "This has making my cheeks look fav" lol!!

  7. I wish I had gone for the velvets now and not matte ??? I'm still waiting for them to arrive (a month later) x

  8. How does she get her backdrop to fade from light (in the center) to dark (the outer part)??

  9. I'd love to see a more neutral eye cause not all of us are obsessed with eyeshadow

  10. You should do a Marc jacobs review

  11. You are so beautiful I JUST CAN'T!!!???

  12. oh lord a dry up butt whole lmaooo

  13. "And this has been making my cheek look fab!" I'm laughing ?

  14. My brother doesn't like it he's crazy


  16. You Are Super cute i love you Nikkie <3

  17. very pretty eyes!!! you can so rock pink

  18. "a dryed up but hole" lmao i love her!

  19. Those dinosaur tattoos are so cute xx

  20. I have the old birthday edition and I love it so I totally need this♥️✨??

  21. I love her natural plump lips

  22. what setting spray did you use??

  23. I think Nikki looks better with matte lipsticks instead of glossy lipsticks .-.

  24. She has a red cut/scratch on her arm tattoo hope she's okay

  25. This palette is really pretty ??

  26. Thank you for being so honest 🙂

  27. lmfaooooo isnt it called june bug

  28. Where did you find it ? I've been looking all over . and also what's the price ?

  29. "dried up butthole" im dead ?

  30. I have recently started watching your videos and I love! You are so funny and I LOVE that you put ratings in the corner when showing a new product!

  31. What setting spray were you using!?

  32. One of my favorites of your makeup looks, Nikkie?

  33. Love your lip injections

  34. I love watching your videos, your personality is amazing and your tutorials are perfect ?

  35. You blew my mind with August bug as eyeliner! Why did I not think of that?


  37. Is it just me or the lipstick is a little too orange for those eyes?

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