KYLIE COSMETICS Koko Kollection – Review & Swatches

Today I’m doing a first impressions on the NEW Kylie Cosmetics Koko Collection! This hot new launch comes with 4 new liquid lipstick shades and a pressed powder palette! I test out the formulas and show you exactly what I think. Curious to see if these one day will become a favorite? Watch and find out!

  • Earrings: ASOS
  • Foundation: Lancome Teint Idole 24H Long Wear Foundation ‣ Here
  • Eyeshadow: Jouer Cosmetics “Skinny Dip” Palette (use code: NIKKIE at checkout for 15% off!) ‣ Here
  • Lashes: Annytude “Dainty” ‣ Here
  • Wig: Bobbie Pinz ‣ Here

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. I'm loving your gold eyeshadow, you look gorgeous

  2. I love that intro it was less than a minute

  3. Hey Nikkie, I know this video is old but I've been looking to start my collection of makeup and I love your videos. Okay explanation aside… I love your eyes in this video and I was wondering how you did them and what pallet(s) did you use??

  4. Please do the vacation edition!!!!

  5. She has the other colors too Khlo$ and Damn Gina and something else for lip sticks. Did you like those?

  6. Anyone else living for the gold eyeshadow look

  7. Niki, Can u please tell me how u did ur makeup, like the foundation, blush etc. Your makeup looks really good
    Please tell me

  8. Nikkie I love you you are so entertaining you make me lmao your reactions are classic

  9. Good god her highlight doesn't even compare to the brightness of Doll

  10. I loved the birthday collection and the royal peach palette so I might get this.(Next Christmas lol?)

  11. Omg, Nikkie, your tiny Dino tattoo is the CUTEST!! o(TヘTo)

  12. Loved this video! I just uploaded an review of this same collection!! I was brutally honest so you may want to give it a watch ?

  13. Can you do a tutorial on the eyeshadow?

  14. Oh my fucking god this is beautiful… u look fantastic with this makeup ?

  15. this is the 3rd video im waching i alredy watched the kkw and kylie birthday collection, and now this and in alk of them she always puts down something on all of them

  16. On my personal opinion, is the best I've seen you highlighted. Subtle and natural looking!

  17. Bitch, look at that eyeshadow..??

  18. your eyeshadow looks bomb! I love, love, love the glitter!:)

  19. Out of curiosity could you do a video full face with wet n wild products!!!

  20. oh MYgosh! this koko kollection got me S H O O K wowee mama (from diary of a wimpy kid LOL). on a more serious note tho, niki I absolutly LOVE ur videos and it britens my day every day!!1!

  21. Chimme Chimme Kokobop, I think I like it ~

  22. Are you wearing some kind of primer on your lips?

  23. Niki What happen to your voice you saund diffrend What happen to your normal voice and yours back song when is the bright song and Niki that we all love………

  24. I love your marble background totally my Athsetic

  25. Can't stop looking at her chest highlight lmao

  26. I actually like the gloss on you!

  27. am i the only one who noticed she said "baby doll" and not "babygirl" lolll

  28. I love this makeup look ?❤️?❤️I'm a new upcoming makeup guru! I would love if you guys stop by my Chanel , I will upload new video every week ❤️❤️ much love

  29. Demasiaaadooooo maquillajeeeee

  30. can you do a jaclyn hill x morphe palette tutorial?

  31. Did anyone else notice that she said baby doll instead of baby girl at 9:30

  32. eres hermoza ❤ tienes unos labios super lindos ??

  33. Bunny ????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  34. I have doll.. and it does the same thing! Even when i moisturize with chapstick and it still breaks/cracks. Anyone have any tips on applying?

  35. Anyone else getting Christmas vibes when she put the lip shade doll ??

  36. That conch piercing ? your eyelook in this is BEAUTIFUL x

  37. You look so good in this video!!!

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