KYLIE JENNER Beauty Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know !!!


  1. i love you girl you are such a sweet you go girl

  2. i created a playlist with thease Celeb beautiful hacks:

  3. Kylie Jenner beauty hacks:
    Plastic surgery

  4. she reminds me of Elena from The vampire diaries

  5. I can't believe this video was almost a year ago! That was when I first found your channel and ow you are one of my favorite YouTubers! <3

  6. can you do melanie martinez! !!

  7. Pleaz do little mix beauty hacks

  8. Why would you clean up your eyebrows with highlighter..??

  9. Melanie martinez? Im not sure has she told them but if u could find out it would be awesome 🙂

  10. not the right color for your skin

  11. u looks like her ! before the plastic surgery that she done! ?

  12. she looks like Bethany mota!!!

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