Kylie Jenner Inspired Fall Makeup Look | Loveemanda

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  1. Your so much prettier then Kylie Jenner! So much more beautiful!! Kylie should be trying to do your make-up do
    I love love !! How you do your make-up love your videos ?????

  2. loving this look and tulle looks so beautiful on you! so glad i found your channel youre gorgeous girl!!

  3. Did you do the other kylie jenner look?

  4. Nothing bout this video was professional sorry get ur shit togher and I mean that in the nicest way possible lol

  5. love this!! just blend the concealer where `the winged liner is bb

  6. you are the reason i want to dye my hair black..

  7. your brushes look extremely dirty, clean them often it might look better for your videos

  8. just read all the comments… at first, u look like malay…. then i thought from your accent the way u talk, argh maybe u are tanned caucasian. but then, i cant believe u are indonesia. i am right, my first sight u look like indonesia/malay looks….

  9. u look better withouth makeup,i mean lesser makeup. without the cheeks colored… bronzer or blush u used it the name, u know

  10. Gorgeous!!!! Just subscribed to your channel!!!

  11. This is the first video I have ever watched of you and I think you are really pretty and I love the make up! You have a new subscriber! ?

  12. What is the nyx color you use as your base? Thanks

  13. how is the wear for the colourpop liquid lipsticks? 😮

  14. it looks pretty but you should've used limbo by colourpop!

  15. What shade is your foundation? 🙂

  16. Literally just watched Jenny's video and had to come check your channel and all i can say is that I am no disappointed I watched 3 of your videos and had to subscribe. ?

  17. Found you from jenny's vlog <3 i just subscribed to your channel your make up is so on point keep it up <3

  18. is the elf liquid eyeliner any good? saw you buy it in one of your vlog

  19. Ur so pretty!! Found u from Jenny's Vlog 😀

  20. When will you be done doing the weight loss video?

  21. Can u please post a updated eyebrow routine? They look different from the last eyebrow routine video. Lol thanks

  22. Loving ur channel ?☺…btw the look camed out gorgeous ??

  23. Gorgeous, girl! If you want a brown shade, definitely get "Limbo" from Colourpop. I wear it all the time <3

  24. This looks amazing! I'll try to recreate it 🙂

  25. whats your nationality manda?? 🙂

  26. The lip colour looks beautiful regardless! Perfect look for fall 🙂

  27. I really love this look, esp the lip color on you though. I also have Tulle and the color is so pretty. Can't wait to see another Kylie inspired video from you xo

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