Kylie Kyshadow Palette | Tutorial + First Impressions

I posted this on snapchat and everyone asked for a video! So here it is – my review of the Kylie Kyshadow Palette, along with a makeup tutorial and my first impressions of the product.

If you have the Morphe 35O, you don’t NEED this palette. All the shades in the Kyshadow Bronze Palette are basically in the 35O but if you are a sucker for packaging like me or you just want to support Kylie, this palette is very nice! I am someone who can never have enough warm shadows. Warm shadow palettes are like my version of Pokemon Go. Gotta Catch em all!


  1. i love the way she did her eyeshadow

  2. i tried watching this. but then she got annoying. issok tho, youre amazing jaclyn, just not the content i like

  3. U r SOOOO frikkkin funny!!!! Love it!!!!!

  4. Love you Jacklyn I trust your advise . I've bought most of my makeup because of you . My makeup game is on point now thanks to you.

  5. where is your shirt from omg

  6. Obsidian is a black black stone pronounced ob Sid eean. I think the color names are reversed on the back.
    Citroen. Pronounced sit treen. Just thought I'd help out.

  7. There is a kylie YouTube video of kylie using your champagne pop!!! She says she is using it… So cool

  8. a really greta dupe for This is from sports girl

  9. Her laughs and jokes make me so happy ???

  10. Jaclyn not sure why but just don't like your vids anymore. I think the money that is being made is obscene.

  11. Hey girl, I'm not like you're biggest fan or anything, but I've watched a few of your videos and I LOVE YOU! You are so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you so much for this channel! All my best girl, work it.

  12. O.M.G !!!she talk 1.987 Words for a minute …speed????

  13. loooove this pallet use it almost daily …i use that 1st shimmer shade on inner corner and brow bone..but im always a bright inner corner girl!! love your look! fabulous as always!!!!?

  14. your trick with translucent powder carving out your eye shadow changed my eye shadow game completely , thanks girl ?

  15. such a sell out saying you do it for your fans in reality you do it for money

  16. Haters gonna hate.
    But Jaclyn's still the best.

  17. i use to love her . but now not so sure. if she watches this video she can see its horrible you can tell she hates it . lies. all lies

  18. Everyone saying shit like "Tati is more honest", but it's like… did you even watch her damn video? SHE LIKES IT. SHE EVEN SAID SHE WOULD CONTINUE TO USE IT. And Jaclyn has complaints too 😉 She's ALSO a professional makeup artist. She has been doing makeup for so many years, so she probably knows how to work a hard-to-blend shadow.

  19. Hi all, I've done a tutorial on the burgundy palette and would love it if anyone could have a look ?

  20. Gosh you lying bitch I'm ashamed of you

  21. I'm never trusting you agian. Why does everyone have to change when they get millions of subscribers on YouTube

  22. Great first impressions video! And I love your quirky personality (meant in the nicest way). You are one of my all-time YT favorites!!!

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