Ladybugs & Leaves Nail Art


  1. I love ladybugs! 🙂 awesome

  2. I have just recreated this design, and i love it(ig "@del_nails")

  3. I love you hannah! You are so talented and amazing! Keep up the aweosme work!

  4. This looks almost Christmas colors with red and green 🙂

  5. Hannah since you have done a bunch of nail art videos, can you please please please please please do a camouflage nail art design a bunch of people did it and im looking forward for you to upload one of the videos. If you know how to do can you please post it on YouTube. XOX toodles

  6. OMG this is great. You are like the worlds most famous nail art designer. I love you so much Hannnah xoxo. Your awesome

  7. This is definitely my favorite ladybug nail design! So cute!

  8. LOVE u Hannah !!!!!!!!!  U should do more vids more often!!! #1 nail artist!!!!!!

  9. Ohh so cuuute <3 i will try to do it!

  10. That thin brush you used for the ladybug's antennas, what is its name and where did you purchase it?

  11. This are the cutest nails, can't wait to paint those ladybugs on my nails!!

  12. You need a pinterest for your art.  I would pin them.

  13. I really liked aloha f Maui Hawaii :))

  14. so so so cute! Great job! 😀

  15. This is super super cute! 😀 The matte topcoat really completes it. Really good.

  16. Where did you buy those nail art brushes?

  17. Oh my god…dying of a cuteness overload over here lol!

    Love the geometric leaves especially, thumbs up from me  x

  18. Where did you get that brush?

  19. Where can you find dotting tools? ☺️

  20. Aw! They're so cute! I love their little eyes! <3

  21. Excellent use of matt topcoat!

  22. lovely design! so simple but looks amazing especially with the matte top coat

  23. yas! theres a new nail design!

  24. OMG was already in love with it before I watched the vid! This is great ?

  25. Why are you so good at nail art?! The design is so cute omg!

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