Latin Dance Workout For Your Living Room (So You Can Dance Like Nobody’s Watching)

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  1. I love Nicole's workouts! Fun calorie burners.

  2. The FBI agent watching me through my webcam: You're doing great sweetie 🙂

  3. It is just a pure zumba routine…the workouts are a copy …didn't have much fun 🙁

  4. These workouts are so fun. However, I wondered about the trainers prompts. As an "old-timer" ACE fitness instructor, I was taught to prompt to the right side for my class while I used my left side while I faced the class. That created a mirror image for the class to follow. I find it confusing to have the instructor call "to the right side" when she appears to be moving to the left side.

    Nicole makes this fun ?

  6. i loved it also it was super easy i need more videos like these!

  7. Love youuuuu- sport can make fun- woowww! Thank you sooo much!

  8. I love NIcole so much , she is so fun and I like how she is all about that booty lol

  9. Was a little hard to keep up with the moves but I'm glowing!

  10. Nicole makes these 30 mins fly by b/c I am actually having fun working out!!! Please add more workouts with Nicole.

  11. wooooooow . I enjoy it . make me fire . while dancing

  12. I really didn't care for this one. Too fast and little instruction.

  13. Love this dance workout. Nicole always has awesome energy and makes sweating fun. You'll leave in a good mood AND burn calories!

  14. This was so much fun omg! 😀

  15. I can't wait to use your workout when we move into our new home. I hope it will be fun

  16. More Nicole dance videos pls! This was awesome!!

  17. Almost threw up but I pushed through it and I made it!!! Loved this work out <3

  18. love the workout but the steps don't go on tempo with the music, you go too fast…

  19. I can’t even do this workout. I have 2 left feet. I can’t get that foot motion for the life of me

  20. my daughter did your workout on the trampoline and she loved it

  21. Soooooooo nice ????????? love you gyes

  22. Oooohh!! That so good I am sweating buckets!!

  23. I found it a little hard to follow and would have preferred some time to explain the steps rather than get straight into it

  24. More workouts with Nicole, please!!!!

  25. Do this with heels and it's a workoutttttt

  26. This was a fun workout ! i loved it !

  27. That's awesome guys and this woman is so positive! Now it's my favorite workout!!!

  28. Hi Nicole, hope you are doing well. Could you please make this video available offline as well?

  29. Good workout! Very appreciated, I hope you add a lot more of these great dance workouts!

  30. This workout was nothing to me it felt like 5 Minutes! Guys you can do this it's very easy !!!!!

  31. Wow you guys are full of energy.!!. I tried my best to keep up, was about of breath but still fun especially the salsa and hip hop part. Thank you for sharing this

  32. Holy crap!!!! This was so muccccch fun! Would love to see more videos like this, seriously time flew by doing this 🙂 You're amazing Nicole <3

  33. Best workout so far! Love your energy! Awsome!

  34. Has somebody lost any weight by doing this workout?


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