Layering Winter Outfits

Hello loves! Today I am sharing some layering winter outfit ideas! how to layer in winter and still look cute!


  1. Hello loves! Leave any winter/holiday requests down below I would love to do the videos you want to see 😉 love you all
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  2. Do Another Lazy Hot Body Hacks Video Please!! Love You ?

  3. You guys better get this to 3000? CAUSE I WANT A SECOND PART

  4. Super cute outfits?
    I'm from germany and we don't have snow until january and every year it is getting warmer so I don't have to wear so many coats anymore

  5. Loved each and every outfit! Make a part two.

  6. I'm watching this a 1:54 in the morning and when I was looking at the time I accidentally said 100 in my head instead of 1…. ??? I can't tell if that was just a brain fart, me being tired, or what that was. 100!!! ? I still can't believe I said that.

  7. I ♥♥♥ this nw look…Can u do a fall lookbook or room decor…plz bcz ♥♥♥ ur vids…

  8. Hello my beautiful Nicolettes! Welcome back to my channel or hello if your new!

    – never gets old

  9. Could you not talk so loud in the camera? Thanks!

  10. I live in canada and there was snow ever since Halloween

  11. These look amazing you did awesome job! I kept thinking man she must be very warm right now having sweaters and coats on in a house! ?

  12. Girl you save my life with these videos like I literally use everything you post and I have everything in my closet most of the time and didn't even realize all the stuff you could do I've saved so much money thank you very much

  13. Where did you get the burgundy maroonish sweater from ? <3 at 4:05 love itttt

  14. These are all soooooo cute ???

  15. How much was that cardigan from honeybum? I LOVE it

  16. Cute! I loved all the outfits ?

  17. yay!! just about to go college and saw this ?????

  18. this is probably my favorite video you did. these are realistic winter outfits and they look really good!

  19. I ❤ your videos and last time i got a replie i wish that could could happen again, also make sure your subscribed and notifications are on cause she is the best youtuber! And btw im follwing and likeing and commenting on her insta

  20. i love your style, you can do maybe a fall to winter lookbook 🙂 loveyouu♡♡♡♡

  21. Omg this video is the best ?i love you ♡Nicoletta

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