Lazy Fitness Hacks| Workout in Bed Routine | Lose weight + get ABS FROM BED !!


  1. Oh lord? i just want FOOD ?

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  5. When you look at pictures where people lost weight and proving it by holding your pants and thinking i wonder if they bought a bigger size in sweatpants just to bragg i was in this situation i love this channel i subbed

  6. How many days do we have to do it?????

  7. How long you have to do this for

  8. how long you have to do that for

  9. I lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks thanks for the video it made my life easier

  10. please rly..what are the main exercises for ab crack?=)

  11. Thank you i was bored and u took it away and plus i have 6 abs now last month 4 now six thank u so much

  12. I did two of them and I feel the burn. "Sometimes" we don't wanna get out of bed but I literally found these workout in bed videos so it can be my daily workout routine lol

  13. Here I am, doing this at 1 in the morning ?

  14. Can you please do more of these I broke my foot and I'm not allowed to leave my bed so this helped alot

  15. I am sooo lazy I can't even get out of my bed

    Bed lava I know I died ??

  16. can't do this..busing watching YouTube ..

  17. I was literally doing this today, and my cat jumped on to my bed looking frightened… ??

  18. I was trying to do the lunges, but I slipped and did the splits and my computer fell on my head. NO NEED TO PANIC ANYONE, THE COMPUTER IS FINE.

  19. I love you're moves! Especially that with the pillow. How many times a week?

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