Lazy Girl’s Inner-Thigh Pilates Workout

Pilates is great for toning those hard-to-reach areas like the inner thighs, and celebrity trainer Kristin McGee has some killer moves to do just that. Best thing about this quick and effective workout? It’s all on the floor. Press play, and get ready to feel the burn.


  1. this is really very hard..i can't do this

  2. Well, since you ask πŸ˜€ my idea is to bring Kristin BACK, for a slower, yet effective overall wellness pilates workout that includes her wonderful inner thigh targeting, arms, abs and stretch pilates exercises. No one gets the inner thigs like Kristin! Would love to see a total body exercise that does allow for us to breathe, connect and enjoy the challenge. πŸ˜€

  3. I'm just super jelly of her calves…not sweating but definitely burning! Great workoutXD

  4. ive just tried it i really feel its targetting areas that i want

  5. i love when im sweating after just 7 minutes (: quick but effective, love it!

  6. wow..i'm sweating a lot doing this exercise. simple but effective for those who don't have enough time to exercise

  7. How long does it take to make slim inner thighs?

  8. I've done this three times and can already see a difference!

  9. I'm always in and out of skinny thigh phase because ??????????FOOOOOOOOOD

  10. How many sets are required? One set a day, three sets every other day?

  11. Um, i felt all of those!! Effective. Sweet. Short.

  12. love itttt man 7 minutes but the burn os there definitely. . guys make sure to tight the thighs to feel the burn

  13. I didn't feel any burn what so ever!! I have done many Inner thigh workout videos and this was a waste.

  14. "Whaaat? This is the hardest exercise I've ever tried!" lol Same! I love Anna. This was a great workout!

  15. I loved each of the moves in this workout– thank you for this; it was great!

  16. just found this workout and did it along with you guys for the first time…and WOW is all I can say!! I love how it made that inner thigh work as well as the core, which was a bonus! Will def save this one πŸ™‚

  17. Thank you so much that burned but it didn't make my knees feel like they were gonna give out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so so much…. I marked it it will be doing this daily

  18. I loved this work so much!???? just started i will stick to it and will update you in a few weeks! I want to wear my shorts soon! great job!!!

  19. Does this make ur thighs slimmer and calves??

  20. this is also awsome for dancer, to keep the inner thighs strong πŸ™‚

  21. 2nd time I made it through this whole workout!

  22. Just burned it out! Really effective starting from today!

  23. I do like this one because so far I think it's working! Well, I did it yesterday & my inner thighs felt a lil tender today, plus the moves are unique. My body was getting too used to the classic pelvic bridges, squats, etc. Thanks for this great video!(:

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