Hello loves! Today I am sharing with you guys some lazy weight loss life hacks that actually work! I share a lot of fitness hacks to lose weight with no exercise ! It is all about incorporating small things into your healthy lifestyle! Hope you enjoy!


  1. What if your poor and only have one bathroom do I go to my neighbours

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  12. I love that pink shirt! Where'd you get it?

  13. "Don't wear these baggy clothes" looks down at my shelbyville lake hoodie and running shorts

  14. Please do back to school . ..grade five lol

  15. Thank you! Loves your channel

  16. My friend first introduced me into the diet plan "fizy amazing plan", and i also googled it. My life has transformed for the better right after I lost 14 lbs by following this plan!. Try this yourself, hope you will enjoy it like me.

  17. Thanks for the great vid! It's 5 months until summer on Australia and I'm trying to get the bikini body everyone wants? I'm going to sub. Thx

  18. Nicolette:"if your a couch potato and love watching TV"
    Me:"but I don't have TV"

  19. love ur vids so much? I rly need this

  20. Where did you buy your leggings? And what are they called on the website just leggings?

  21. love your video. blessings for you

  22. Dont go to the closest bathroom.. ? i only have one

  23. Can you do a "What i est in a day " video plzzz❤️

  24. I don't like My body so much but When i look at you it gives me hope and it makes it more fun to do someting healthy❤️ you are so good at youtube❤️

  25. My close friend had lost an crazy amount of weight so certainly I was curious. When mention of a diet was brought up I immediately went straight to google checking into this “sowo amazing plan” diet program. After I listened to their assistance, I lost 14 and a half pounds.

  26. Can you do a car hack video I love u Libby holland

  27. Thank u this helped so much

  28. your health tips help me out so much, and I love how REAL you are!! Thanks a lot for making your videos!

    I NEED MORE!!!

  30. thanks you so much this really helped me to realise how much I can fit exercise in my daily routine❤️❤️


  32. I got curious because my close friend had lost weight and I needed to know how. When mention of a diet was brought up I immediately went directly to google checking into this “sowo amazing plan” diet. After I listened to their tips, I lost 12 and a half lbs.

  33. To stop myself from eating while watching TV I chew gum because I have something in my mouth so it stops the urge to eat x

  34. Small YouTuber here trying to get to 10k. Let's support each other and subscribe y'all! 🙂

  35. Do a video on how to get thicker thighs

  36. I find when I crave I do exercise or plank etc

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