Leopard Nail Art

Suzie shows how to design a set of Leopard or Cheetah Nails in this step by step tutorial.

0:23 Base Coat
0:33 Use Acrylic Paint
0:56 Applying the ‘Spots’ or ‘Dots’
2:02 Use smaller Dotting Tool for the outside spots
3:37 Finished Nail Design Reveal shots
3:46 Where to find Acrylic Paints


  1. I know this is an old video but Im watching all of your videos because I love them so much! I was always curious why some people use that paint instead of polish. Im going to have to try it out! Does it last as long as nail polish does? 🙂

  2. Suzie love the leopard and the marble …would like to see different colors in leopard and marble … I think blue

  3. I'm a cosmetologist working at a nail salon and as I was sitting waiting for my appointment I had an idea and went to look it up but wasn't able to find anything on it. Can you put acrylic paint in an empty nail polish bottle (the ones that come with a striping brush for nail art) and use that too or would the paint dry up? Do you know? I love using acrylic paint but hate the hassle of caring all of my bottles and thought that it might be easier if I put them in bottles. Have you or anyone else tried that? Please let me know. Love your channels. You always give me such great ideas. ❤️

  4. Hi I watched the leopard nail art tutorial and it is really good

  5. I love this!  The pattern is great.  So, I was wondering how you would do tiger nails without making it look like a zebra, tacky, or just peculiar.  Any suggestions?

  6. Suzie reminds me of Emily's mum in pretty little liars!

  7. can you do a Christmas tree and present design like the Christmas tree as an accent nail

  8. Can you please do a tutorial on how to get this pretty shape that you have on this video? The size of the nails are very accurate and they are perfect ; please tell me what is the name of this shape and please, please do a tutorial on this nail shape…

  9. Hellou from Peru!! You are amazing! i hope you can answer my question , i really like your hair color, i want to have the same! can you share what color is. Thanks!! 🙂

  10. I also like taking distilled water in a bowl and putting many polish colors in it and dipping my nails in it and cleaning around my nails. Very pretty and fun to do!

  11. Love your channel Suzy , thankyou so much for doing this on your OWN nails.. much appreciate it. thankyou.

  12. I love it when you do videos with 'normal' nails. The stiletto ones give me the creeps!

  13. Hi! Can I ask where you purchased the white placemat? I love it! Thank you…

  14. nails that can be worn to school…. when will the video be posted plzz state the date… thnx….

  15. can u plz stop talking alot ur annoying just do the freaking nails fuck u

  16. Cool nails. you could always do 3 c's around the circle too, love you videos! ?

  17. Pretty Leopard nail art, may try this out some time

  18. are you guys going to open a school in California anytime soon

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