Life Hacks for Back to School!

Life Hacks for Back to School and DIY hacks for school you need to try/ Back to School LIFE HACKS!! + Studying Tips that EVERYONE needs to know! A few life hacks to get you ready for back to school!


  1. # Notafaction Squad. I love your hair gurrlll watch you 24-7

  2. For the clothes one I used this app called pic collage where you make collages of any things you want. You can also make cards and stuff like that! I always flick back to outfits I wore before and then I get those clothes. My phone doesn’t let me get netrobe so this is a great alternative!!

  3. taking colorful notes help you look at them

  4. These are so hacks that I will be using

  5. There’s this life hack , if you need something like a tissue , or any thing like that but you are taking a test, and the teacher won’t let you up until you’re finished unless you have to go to the bathroom? Just go to the bathroom, and use toilet paper!!

  6. not only are chia seed nutritious and filling but also DELICIOUS

  7. I'm a heavy sleeper, but for some reason, I always wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off.

  8. couldn’t find Netrobe !!? and i have a iphone

  9. Wait then won’t you be banned from them apps forever ?

  10. Oh and very funny Carly thanks for telling me

  11. Lol and also I am having a bad hair day!!! Hahaha

  12. When are you going to give out a camera

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