JOIN the Hair Battle Challenge #MetallicObsession

Products used:

  • Pre-Toned. Kenra Color Silver Metallic Demi Permanent 7 SM + 8 SM with half an inch of violet booster with 9% Kenra Developer.

I am so excited for the new Kenra Metallic shades – Violet Metallics 7VM, 8VM and 9VM both in Permanent and Demi-Permanent and Silver Metallics 7SM, 8SM and 10SM in Demi-Permanent.
It’s available at CosmoProf, Armstrong MCCall Stores, State Beauty, Salon Centric and RDA Pro-Mart!


  1. Thanks for sharing the lighting points .We share it daily .?

  2. I love how unashamed Guy is about periods and condoms ? I grew up being so ashamed of these things

  3. Donde se pueden comprar los tintes

  4. Mine is getting my roots done it just does not last long

  5. I'm also a hair bleaching Asian and I love putting a ton of color in my hair! I'm proudly Chinese and happy of my hair!! And I'd never want to be white anyways hahaha

  6. Love it when Guy twerks! I seriously hope i get to meet you one day! xoxo ??????????

  7. Is not that asians can change their hair color it's I like natural hair color with dark skin

  8. Love your artwork /you so funny make me want to see more/thank you for your inspiration /love love

  9. Always wonder how much he gets paid

  10. Guy: Can you just stuff it with tissue?
    ??? LMAO I literally died the entire time you guys were at the store. I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUY!! …..And dat ass?? Why are you so damn fun?!!!! ????

  11. guy you always talk about using a color remover. what do you use for that?

  12. I currently have 8SM in my hair and it switches between blue, silver and purple. Its pretty neat.

  13. My color specialist just used, "Guy Tang's violet and silver" mixed with the T18 white lady which I already had in my hair but needed a boost. She used a tad of the violet but will go heavier next month! I love this color! The violet is awesome! It's true in different lighting it changes and this was just a tad of Guy Tang's violet and silver. I love hair and all of these beautiful colors!!! When you have the right color and cut it truly makes you feel awesome and it's worth it! I couldn't get it quite right at home so I needed some help. The back is so hard and layering long hair. Five hours for me yesterday but it's awesome and worth it!

  14. lol tampons !  Heck Guy , I'm 55 yrs and I LOVE ur energy !!!  I have a blast watching U 🙂  <3

  15. There's this little thing of spit on the center of his bottom lip in the beginning of the video and when the top lip touches it it strings out and I just wanna wipe it for him so bad

  16. Man I wish you can do my hair just go to town with it anything new I'm up for any change I'm not afraid to go any color yes I've done a no no bleach and my ends are so dry and brittle so ugly right now but I love in Houston Texas I might just have to make a trip to where you are to get the best of the best from you ❤️

  17. I love her hair color.
    I want to have it, but my hair is short.
    Do you have any Color themes for short hair?

  18. will Olaplex help bleach hair with henna on it?

  19. you have me cracking up i love you !

  20. I'd love for him to dye my hair. The best I've ever seen.

  21. telling people of color that they're trying to be white is like saying white people own blonde hair. that's stupid. anyone can have blonde hair, y'all are some haters.

  22. Guy Tang <3 <3 you have such a kind and non-judgmental heart 🙂

  23. Would it be possible to get an ash brown or really dark gray color on dark brown hair, without bleaching it first? I've looked everywhere online, but no one has tried it out.

  24. i wish i was as naturally energetic as guy tang

  25. Min 12:25 when she speaks spanish! So adorable!!!!!

  26. Dear The Amazing King of Color: May we know which toner you used? I am dying to try this on my hair. So curious to know which toner you used to get her hair so light. Pretty Please!

  27. If I want a dark grey how light will I need to get my hair?

  28. love watching your hair color videos, Guy! I am learning so much from you and you are soooo funny.. thanks for doing all the great video and funny videos, Guy..?

  29. What brand of color remover did he use? Because all the other ones I know in the market  lift the natural hair color (roots) /:

  30. Can you do a video on advice for getting your parents to let you dye your hair because I'm 12 and really want to dye my hair. Everyone always wants to be blonde but I hate my hair colour but I'm not allowed to change it.

    Also, how can I work around rules about hair. They won't allow unnatural hair colours so most colours are banned. I can go brown, reddy brown or black. I'm not too sure about the boundaries because they're pretty inconsistent. I've seen a girl with pastel pink hair and one girl with green at the ends.

    I am allowed to dye my hair in the summer holidays but my mum said no to dark colours because they won't come out for school but I could maybe convince her to let me go dark purple. It won't wash out for school so then the school would be annoyed but I refuse to bleach it because I can't be bothered and all the salons in the area are shit so my hair might get damaged. The school can't even do anything about it because they banned shaved heads so they couldn't make me shave it. This would either force me to keep it purple or dye it black so either way it's a victory for me. Should I do this plan?

  31. I agree with what you're saying. I am Asain & I went blonde but got so many of those comments I only kept my blonde for a month & I've not been blonde again 🙁 I'm gonna go blonde again

  32. I sOo love this video! Haha. Love what your teaching about Lighting and LOVE how personable and HILARIOUS this video was haha. Couldn't stop laughing!! Tampons, twerking, and charging a "nipple" ???

  33. where is ur location at i been wanting to do my hair gray for a long time .nd how much do u charge???

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