Loose glitter placement nail art – pink gradient!


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  • ♥ Cult Nails ‘Nevermore’ (black creme polish)
  • ♥ Revlon ‘Clear’ (clear polish)


  1. I absolutely love this design!

  2. Christine when she didn't talk… ?

  3. it hurts a little when it says "glossy top coat" on the screen but I read it as "glossy taco"

  4. I really love these!! I'm going to attempt them but we'll see what happens ?

  5. wow thus was the old you??? I only knew the new one and I thought you just had a different intro but its just that you had nine and you didn't talk but its still good!!! also answer me on snapchat my name is baby-cakes061

  6. suprised at the amount of comments

  7. where did u get that awesome music from??

  8. Love this I do this with small gems now will have have have to try glitter

  9. I think it would look even better it you used a matte topcoat on the black before using the glitter!!

  10. Does the music for your videos come with your editing software or do you have to download your own music?

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