Lose Belly Fat With Only 3 Tablespoons a Day

This 2-ingredient recipe for a drink will help you lose belly fat with only three tablespoons a day. Your body will say thank you and your friends will ask you to share your way to lose weight so fast!

25 thoughts on “Lose Belly Fat With Only 3 Tablespoons a Day

  1. Who will put garlic in redwine? It tastes and smells bad. If you want to go out with your boyriend and you have breath like a dragon…

  2. Please must I leave it under the sun for 2weeks?
    What if i drink it instantly does it have any effect?
    Should I grind my garlic or just peal them and leave them inside the red wine?
    Thank you

  3. 12 cloves of garlic and 16 FL oz of red wine. leave it in the sun for two weeks occasionally shaking. strain and enjoy. 3 tablespoons a day for a month. thank me later

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