Lose Belly Fat With Only 3 Tablespoons a Day


  1. Hey guys! Have you already tried this method? Did it work for you? Please, let us know!

  2. HAVE A FUN DAY!!!

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  3. Frick this I can't have red wine I'm 11 I'm mean I'm sort of happy with my body but I want a little less so….yeah

  4. I cant do that i am only 11 years old

  5. Who will put garlic in redwine? It tastes and smells bad. If you want to go out with your boyriend and you have breath like a dragon…

  6. If u r Muslim so instead of red vine what u can use ???? Plz answer me I need answer very badly or u use grapes

  7. I like the dancing guy

  8. Please must I leave it under the sun for 2weeks?
    What if i drink it instantly does it have any effect?
    Should I grind my garlic or just peal them and leave them inside the red wine?
    Thank you

  9. I don't think I'm old enough to drink red wine… I'm only 10 and yes in third grade I thought I had extra weight

  10. exercise is helpful for weight loss, drinking lots of water and protein rich food is good.

  11. That drink sounds disgusting

  12. this is a horrible video i'm 10 i cant drink wine

  13. Who else is 13

  14. I’m so sad I clicked on this video and I just discovered that red wine is in this drink and I can’t drink it

  15. Not everyone can drink wine

  16. 12 cloves of garlic and 16 FL oz of red wine. leave it in the sun for two weeks occasionally shaking. strain and enjoy. 3 tablespoons a day for a month. thank me later

  17. Can you make it without garlic I don’t like garlic

  18. I won't drink red wine what ever I do ugh eww bye no likes for you

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