Louboutin Inspired Acrylic Nails – Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie creates Louboutin Inspired Nails with Acrylic and Gel. This in-depth video features Acrylic Building Technique using both Oval and Square Kolinsky Brushes.

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  1. Really loved this! Going to try this with regular polish XD

  2. Camera man did a great job on this video and Suzie is always wonderful!!

  3. Yeah love the coffin love the colour and so happy to see your channel I felt like I was missing out but here you yippee xox

  4. Someone got a little jiggy with the editing when she was filling her nails up???

  5. I love Coffin Nails! I do have long natural nails but it is SO hard to do coffin because they're always "too short" and it looks weird :/

  6. Reminds me of tomato sauce and mustard XD

  7. Louboutin sounds like Louis Vuitton….hmmm??

  8. So satisfying i subscribed and liked keep up the good work

  9. Some nazy editing on this video. I love watching your videos.

  10. I'm so sorry about any criticism, but please consider this constructive. The music when you aren't talking, I think it should be a bit more balanced to your talking volume. It was a little jarring, though it may just be the choice of music on this one. No critique on the nails, though! They are gorgeous as always!

  11. I've done my nails this way many times, in different combos.

  12. suzie, you really rocked it with those nails….you are the best!

  13. You should have put the red higher on the nail,so when they grow out the red will be peeking through the nail and not black

  14. Suzie you are the best. I love the way you explain things. Even a child ( non nail tech) can understand. Thanks.

  15. so incredibly satisfying i'm blown away by the precision

  16. It just dawned on me! ?
    Suzie is like the Bob Ross of the nail community

  17. It's not a low heel it's a high heel lol beautiful set!

  18. I like the green nails too.

  19. Why u gotta be my favorite youtube on planet earth. Love u so much

  20. Suzie is just an unbelievably skilled artisan!
    I never realized how important structure was. I happened to examine my gel manicure when I started watching her videos and noticed it was quite thick and uneven in random spots! All nail techs should learn from Suzie!

  21. SUZIE I hope you've watched Jenna Marbles most recent video!!!!

  22. im by no means a trained nail artist, i dont even really have proper nails myself, but due to that fact ive messed around with acrylic kits, and always had the problem of the acrylic soaking into my brush and no matter how much i cleaned it, it would harden the brush? is that simply a fault of a cheap brush?

  23. I love how gentle you are. With your own and others nails.?

  24. when the filing montage faded to grey, I expected "WASTED" to pop up on the screen

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