Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack – Review, Try-On, and What Fits!

Hi handbag lovers!! Here’s another Louis Vuitton palm springs mini backpack review for you to binge-watch as you contemplate making the purchase. All I can say is, DO IT!!!

In this video I’ll give an in-depth overview of the bag, take measurements, try it on as both a crossbody and backpack style, and show you exactly what can fit inside.

Do any of you have this bag? What are your thoughts? And for those of you who don’t, what’s on your handbag wishlist??


  1. U got it for 1700? It's $1860 now

  2. Gotta love the LV mini backpack, though it is soooo pricey. But grats in your little baby!

  3. You look like Kendall Jenner ?❤️

  4. Hi there??, new subbie here☺️.. Nice and informative video. ???

  5. can someone pls tell me what she does as a living? (just simply curious) 🙂

  6. what iPhone was this filmed on?

  7. can you fit a water bottle in there?

  8. m from Nepal. how could i get this cute mini bag?

  9. Love it so so much check out my video of all the things I fit in my back pack it's actually crazy how many things it fits !! I loved it so much because it was different so much so that I purchased it in the reverse monogram also !!

  10. I need that bag , that bag was made for me

  11. Do u have pics of you wearing the bag on Instagram ?

  12. If you try out the bag at the store and the Zipper isn't smooth, you can get the Zipper hot waxed for free. That's what I did for my speedy

  13. Do you think the ipad mini can be put inside?

  14. hello from dubai!!
    awesome bag and review as well!! you look beautiful btw!

  15. Great video it looks really good on you.Does the minI fit a long wallet? Like a long LV wallet?

  16. Wouldn't your cellphone fit in the front pocket?

  17. That backpack is adorable as compared to the bigger versions.  However, it's looks relatively small inside, where a medium sized handbag would carry more.  It just looks that way maybe.  Also, the straps on the back are much thinner and less substantial  than on the MM.  It's really cute though.

  18. Love it! Adding it soon to my collection! ???

  19. Hello!
    Is the leather water resistant like the leather from Damier Ebene?

  20. I never really fell inlove with this bag until today when I bought it. ;p I got the world tour version.

  21. hi there。can u tell me ur backpack where is it made?made in France or USA?thank u :)

  22. I've been wanting that bag for a long time! Such a cute bag? I'm a sucker for mini backpacks lol great video!

  23. Hi~love your little bag, it's so cute.
    Would you mind telling me what type of vlogging camera do you use ?
    Thanks ^

  24. I really want it. But There is no mini backpack in Canada.

  25. Great video. This backpack is the cutest little thing. Need one in my life. Lol ?

  26. Gorgeous backpack! You look beautiful

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