Louis Vuitton Victorine Wallet – Review, Measurements, and Layout!

Hi guys! As a follow-up to my Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack review (link below), I wanted to also review the wallet I quickly showed in that video – my Louis Vuitton Victorine wallet in the color rose ballerine! In addition to this being a totally beautiful piece to look at, it’s really just an ideal and practical layout as well! Please excuse the derp thumbnail… I forgot to strike a pose XD

Let me know what wallet “style” you always gravitate towards, I’m curious!!


  1. I prefer the capucines compact, 2 more card slots, and taurillon leather 🙂

  2. I love this wallet!
    Cant wait to order it!
    great review 🙂

  3. This is my favorite review of this wallet so far 🙂 I'm stuck between this one and the Rosalie coin purse.

  4. I just got mine in fuschia! :)before i foubd this, i saw one wallet nearly with the same layout in YSL. It was about 900$cad + but I got more attracted to this! And 200$ cheaper than! Btw, nice review! I didnt realy the rosw ballerine but you made me like it haha.

  5. Going on Sunday to order mine! Great review!

  6. Great job on the video! Very thorough!

  7. hello I want to ask when you first use it, does your wallet smelly?

  8. OMG, great review. Complete and fast. Thanks girl. Put transparent nail polish on you button so the color will last longer.

  9. Hiiii how is the wear and tear of the rose ballerine at the card slots? I am thinking about getting it or keeping the fuchsia???? ???

  10. Great video! I have this wallet in the Epi and love it!

  11. the wallet so cute, but is currently oos in my country. ur review really detailed! any chance u can measure the weight of this wallet? thanks!

  12. Can you fit it into your jeans back pocket?

  13. This is such a great review! Thanks so much for posting it, I just subbed! I've been obsessed with this wallet forever, and it will prob be my next big purchase. What small bags of yours does it fit into?

  14. Just subscribed to your channel!?

  15. you r so cute :)))) nice review !

  16. I love the wallet too!!! But it is now sold out online…

  17. Hi there. I bought the same wallet. One thing is "made in France" is not clearly. I did exchange,is better than before. But still not clearly. How about yours?

  18. I wish your video went up 2 months ago! I ve had my Victorine since then and i love it! Its so cute and functional. And perfect for not only my small bags but surprisingly for my daily use! One thing, i was travelling when i first got it and put too many cash notes in and now has a bulge on the inner side of the flap 🙁 im trying to flatten it out now that im back on holidays and not carrying cash anymore.any tips?

  19. I really like this wallet and your review was great! I would like to know how many bills do you think would be the max you could fit in it at one time? I want a compact wallet just like this so I can lay my cash flat as well. Thank you!

  20. You put so much love in your videos, you deserve a lot more subscribers. I'm pretty sure, one day one of the bigger youtubers is going to feature you 🙂 keep on going, Girl!

  21. I actually have on from coach with a similar layout. The coach wallet has more slots and a larger pocket for coins tho. This is still a beautiful wallet tho!!

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