Low-Impact Cardio and Toning Workout That’s Perfect For Beginners, Too | Class FitSugar

This low-impact cardio and toning workout torches calories.

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  1. I love this workout! I try to do this every day. Please dont ever stop making these workouts

  2. Absolutely loved it! Great job instructing ???

  3. I was able to complete this workout with my bad knees. Moves are misleading because though it's low impact, it's a full blown cardio workout. Thank you. I'm a true fan of this trainer.

  4. у тренера фигура мягко говоря не очень стройная…

  5. I fel I'm gonna die doing this…gets really difficult from 7:00 . Guess what? I'm sweating like crazy.

  6. The modifications were perfect for this pregnant mama. Thanks!

  7. I love this workout. I had to modify it to go slower, as I'm just getting back into shape and need to be gentle on my joints. Luckily I no longer feel the I need to be perfect and I can tailor workouts to my own enjoyment! Older age is great that way. Keep up the hard work, friends!

  8. This is a good exercise for our butt

  9. Love her and her workout, she has a beautiful body and energie <3

  10. I love this workout and the trainer! More videos with her please!

  11. i really enjoyed it.. love u .. grlzzz

  12. If this workout makes me look like her, no thank you

  13. ncderwq00998876t51000100monaelockett

  14. I like the teacher is Chobi just like me , I love my body !!!

  15. I LOVE this workout. Everything looks super simple until you're halfway and you wanna switch off LOL!

  16. Kadın çok şişman görünüyor …hiç inandırıcı olmuyor

  17. that breath out "shhh" is SO annoying

  18. Oi your legs r rolling inwards cause you r not using your rotators great workout

  19. The trainer isn't skinny I feel allot of women can relate that's great to see .

  20. Amazing workout! I recommend to warm up and stretch more than the few minutes shown at the beggining. And also this is NOT begginers workout, meaning it is hard and you can injure yourself if you are not used to do regular workout, but seriously, you'll strengthen your back and fit your legs for sure!

  21. i like so much this traning . i would like to know how much is your hight ? may be like me … lol . thanks

  22. I thought low impact doesnt have any jumping? 🙁

  23. About how many calories were burned during this work out?

  24. idk if its me but this KILLED my lower back within two minutes and im only 20… wtf

  25. Love the instructor and work out. I'm a new mom and knowing a fellow mom is the instructor is amazing. The workout made me sore in all the right places. Please more from this trainer.

  26. Love this workout! And the trainer is awesome!! Thanks!!

  27. a REAL belly doing a REAL workout :DD I thought only girls with abs got results (I'm thin, but i'm skinny fat=/..)

  28. Great workout! LOVE the modified movements!!! Really helpful for beginners.

  29. This workout is not as dynamic as I hoped it would be. Also this wasn't too friendly on my lower back

  30. great workout, really work up a sweat, thanks guys, but i wish i'd have know at the beginning you were working one side first, then the second at the end, was confused all the way to the middle, as never done that before!

  31. I sweated like crazy doing this workout and had to take a couple of breaks before finishing but I think this is a great workout. I love what you guys do at PopSugar Fitness!

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