M.A.C Viva Glam Gaga Inspired Makeup Tutorial – How to make eyes look bigger


    • M.A.C Paintpot – Painterly
    • M.A.C Eyeshadow – Sketch
    • M.A.C Eyeshadow – Sable
    • M.A.C Eyeshadow Palette – Wonder Woman ‘Defiance’
    • M.A.C Eyeshadow – Twinks
    • M.A.C Pigment – Vanilla
    • M.A.C Eyeshadow – Gesso
    • M.A.C Fluidline – Blacktrack
    • M.A.C Plushlash Mascara


  • Lip Erase
  • M.A.C Lipstick – Viva Glam Gaga 2
  • M.A.C Wonder Woman Lipgloss – Emancipation



  • OPI ‘The one that got Away’ + Barry M Crackle Polish


  • Pearl Ring: Bijoux Brigitte



  1. you could do good cut creases when you were 15 years old. I suck at tgem

  2. in your newest video you talked about the popular girls. but damn you were so pretty. I mean I wish I looked like this. and I love makeup but my parents don't let me do it

  3. Nikkie, I've been a die hard fan of yours for years and I love this video so much I scrolled so long to find it. You've gotten so much better now but damn girl this still was hawt.

  4. This is still my favorite video!

  5. Omg you sound like you have an accent! 🙂 your newer videos don't sound like you do

  6. I know right? It's so strange..

  7. Oh god… she's like 16-17 years old in this video 😀 …like my age… hoooly crap

  8. I really love your makeup tutorials 🙂 You're amazing at what you do!

  9. you really do look like Perrie Edwards from Little Mix in this video it's unbelievable! xx

  10. Boy I love your eyes in this video!The high crease,the white water line,the lashes…wow!

  11. Why is her accent so thick here , i never noticed it before

  12. Great tips and wonderful senseof humor.Never enjoyied makeup tutorial like this one Thanks.You made me sign in to comment.Doesn't hurt I love gaga make up too.

  13. Prachtiiig, die donkerpaarse kleur :O

  14. You are too freaking adorable, also your manicure in this video is FLAWLESSSSSS!

  15. honestly Nicckie, you should be more famous than many beauty gurus here on youtube !!! you are reallllll <3 xx

  16. This is my favorite makeup look ever… Ijs (:

  17. well…. you're rude. Nikki is amazing just the way she is . So leave your opinions to yourself, thanks.

  18. de(rhymes with bee) fi (rhymes with eye) ance(kinda sounds like ants) or at least thats how I say it.

  19. she is beautiful and nice. and im not going to tell you to stop being jealous- because if your attitude is that bad, you should be jealous. bye, bitch!!

  20. her accent is SO cute! and i love this makeup

  21. can u do a tutorial for you hair like that??? it;s GORGEOUS

  22. ur really cool and funny, greetings from norway!

  23. Great video, awesome tips. What fun to have a one-on-one with a top MAC artist! You're very, very good at broadcasting. Are you thinking of pursuing a television career? JMHO, I think you'd be great 🙂

  24. god , Americans are too obsessed with race and nationality, why care so much about the accent? just watch the video

  25. wish I could vote that up like 40 more times.

  26. i love the way your accent sneaks in when you speak♥
    i just discovered you & i've been obsessively watching all your videos…. you're beautiful, funny, & apply make up incredibly~!!

  27. You have an accent but I can't quite place it, where are you from? I'm hearing something like German, Swedish, Russian or Belgian. Very frustrating to me since I don't know where it's from :S nice tutorial though.

  28. OMG!!! I'm soooo inspired!!! I wanna do all of it!!!

  29. @MOONYuriify I think it's MAC's one =)

  30. i love how she did your eyebrows! adds more,,,oomph to your face!!

  31. Your Dutch accent is strong in this video. It's cute and this makeup is fabulous!

  32. I am in love with my viva glam gaga lipstick in number one! But I really need to get the gloss and number 2 lip color.

  33. Love love love!!! Someone who knows how to do neat and tidy eye makeup 🙂

  34. The only thing with taking the shadow so far in is that for people who have 'close set' eyes it will bring them even closer together.
    By taking a darker colour so far in your closing the gap between your eyes therefore narrowing it.
    This look is amazing for anyone who does not have 'close set' eyes. But if you do you may want to stay further out with your shadows.


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