Magnetic Nail Polish!

A new way to do nail art!

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  1. What if u loose the magnet:((

  2. Yes I have this kit I'm so happy????????

  3. I wanted do this so bad but I did not have this nail polish,? But today morning my mom and I went shopping and I bought a nude and a matte nailpolish.But out of nowhere mom found this magnetic polish and bought it for me.??? # Best mom ever

  4. put a basecoat on first

  5. I tried this and it didn't work at all

  6. I have the chichi one and it doesn't even work :(((

  7. I did not know it did that
    I regret giving it to my friend

  8. Where did you get that

  9. I used Avon one ,, did not work !

  10. Where do u get magnetic nail polish?

  11. If it wasn't for this video i would of ignored the MNP (magnetic nail polish) in Kmart. Thanks:)

  12. Will it always come up striped, no matter what polish I use?

  13. you should do a Avengers tutorial with Hawkeye, black Widow Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk

  14. i have a magnetic nail polish but it didn't come with a magnet!? would any old magnet still work? btw could you do an Irish design????????

  15. Shany Cosmetics also has magnetic nail polish

  16. I just bought a Essence magnet polish.

  17. So umm… What's the point of it? Sticking your hands to the fridge?

  18. Omg the brand of the polish is called layla and my name is Kayla wicked

  19. How does it do that?! @ cutepolish

  20. Hi, i have the same nail polish but how long the magnet need to be?

  21. This was uploaded on my birthday

  22. I did the same thing like 1 month ago and it didn't work

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