Make it or Break it: L’Oreal SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray

Shirt: Forever 21

Necklace: Versona Accessories


  1. 3 days my butt! it lasted about a day. I have natural curly, hair roughly 16 inches long.

  2. u didnt even demonstrate it. the fuhhh

  3. Thank you! I am in need for a heat protection spray cause I am scared of getting my hair damaged when iron it !

  4. Just bought this today! Had to check out a review! I like the smell of it and it's under $5 it made my hair soft and also used it with damp hair! I like this one 🙂

  5. I have wavy hair and this does help to keep it straight for a couple of days after flat ironing but it has alcohol and it dries out the hair like hairspray

  6. but does the heat protection work?

  7. Oh gahd, speaking of gunky and crispy… Have you tried the Chi kind? It's HORRIBLE.

  8. I could never apply heat protectant and go 3 days without washing.

  9. I love this prod…my hair feels wt more volume. nice nice

  10. I do love this product! My hair is naturally curly. It takes a lot to get it straight. But this does it with out making my hair feel sticky. One thing I can say is my floor is always very slippery after using this! So be careful!

  11. This whole line of products is wonderful for my curly hair. No crunchy buildup at all! So silky smooth and smells like pro products.

  12. Great review! Very helpful.:)

  13. I think they meant it lasts as a heat protectant for three days, like you only have to spray it in your hair once for 3 days of using heat on your hair, provided you don't wash your hair.

  14. I got this today and I'm to glad I watched this video thank you so much. I have fine hair too.

  15. Loved the review. But you do know that when using heat protectant spray you have to get a piece of your hair and soak it in spray then straighten it for it to work as said.

  16. I will get this soon. Enjoyed watching your review! Kaye

  17. I use this product, but I can't use it then not wash my hair for two day because this stuff makes my hair really oily. BUT, I do like it. 

  18. I just bought this hope it worked

  19. Does anybody know what she has her make up on?? that carousel looking thing?? please respond someone, I need it!!

  20. Kayley, you mention irons. Just checking, but this spray would shield hair against rollers that rely on heat and a hair dryer, right? 

  21. Suggestion for a new vid, could you review your brushes?? Or say which brushes you use/think are best?? …and great review! 🙂

  22. Some people complained when this series started about sounding like a commercial; they don't understand 'review'. Kayley is very open and fair, and just very natural about the whole procedure. So what if she's getting paid or free merchandise? I get the feeling she wouldn't agree to do a review unless she had some faith in the product to begin with! I look forward to more Make It or Break It vids!

  23. Just wondering, where did you get your makeup organizers behind you? 🙂

  24. I just want you to know that your videos make my day. They have for about two years. You are truly an inspiration, and I really wanted you to know that. ❤️

  25. I am absolutely loving this series! One suggestion…could you include price points in the video? I see that you link the product in the info bar which is helpful as well! It just would be nice to have it out there then if its in my price point then I'll click the link. Thanks again for all your hard work. I've come to look forward to you vids daily!

  26. Also, I have the wavy/thick/frizzy hair you talk about, maybe I'll give this product a test run! See how long my style lasts…

  27. Loving all your new 'series' that you're doing this month!

  28. Great review, I use the tresemee one! Going to give this a try, thanks!

  29. "For a person with thick wavy or curly hair" *raises hand"

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