Make it or Break it: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque


  1. You don’t have fine hair, honestly.
    You have lots of hair, tons of it…. not only from root to tip!
    Now because you’ve got “finer hair”growing from your scalp, using this product most likely will weigh your hair down as you have “thick, long hair”. Think about it. Shoulder length hair, no problems, 14”+ hair… uh, yeah. It’s going to weigh it down… it deposits oils.


  3. A lot of people are saying this product is expensive so if there is a tjmaxx near you, they sell it for $16.99 there

  4. I've been wanting to try this product for a while! But the price is a little bit to much for me. I live in Mexico, so you can find that product here but it is even more expensive than in USA. However your hair looks beautiful, do you recommend another less expensive deep conditioner?

  5. Hi Kayley,
    WOW ! Thank you, so much, for such a detailed, and informative review of this product ! ? I don't color my hair but I DO use a curling wand ( which may be even WORSE ? ) so I do everything possible to protect it and, thanks to YOU, I will DEFINITELY start using this product instead of my usual conditioner ?

  6. Does this help with frizzy hair? Does anyone know any amazing hair products that help with SUPER frizzy hair??

  7. Im looking to get some of the alittle expensive side for this winter im trying to grow my hair to the length i want it so mabe ill go ahead and buy it this October 2015 every where you look on you tube of these almost every girl has this im guessing it is the most popular and hopeful it will last me atleast almost a year

  8. Every time I go on shower collection … " and here is my macadamia but hair mask " I want one !!

  9. You look like Quinn from one tree hill 😮

  10. Having read the ingredients list, I didn't feel very comfortable trying the masque (I have the sachet version). However, now that I've seen this I'm willing to give it a try. I'm looking into making my own masques at home or finding brands that make all-natural products – to try theirs.   

  11. Where can we get it if we are in Australia

  12. wait.. what? your husband? how old are youuuuu? I thought you were like 20, -24 max!! 

  13. I love this video and the product it's a life saver for me

  14. LOVEEEEE neutrogena triple action mask!!!!!

  15. What color is on your lips?! It's a great color

  16. Guys if you're looking to buy this, it's only $15.49 at Target. And instead of having it sit on your hair for only 7 minutes, try 30, or even overnight. Lastly when the product is in your hair, you should put a shower cap over it or sit under the dryer with a cap because the heat will help the product to penetrate your hair better.

  17. I love your hair!!<3 the color is beautiful.:D

  18. I probably missed it but where did you buy it? On Amazon people are saying how they got the 'fake' version. 

  19. Honestly I have purchased this twice!! And then I purchased the Dupe for it at Sally Beauty its the Hair Chemist Macadamia oil mask and it works just the same.. I also added a fee drops of organic macadamia oil from mg health food store and just amp up the macadamia in the mask and omgggg the real deal for a FRACTION of the cost!! I reccomend doing it that way instead ..

  20. for me i love wella pro series they are not expensive and they're just amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  21. i have all this line products they are good actually,my hair is healthy too so they're not amazinggg to me

  22. i just used it for the first time today and i really like it
    my hair feels different more healthier more shine and it smells amazing
    i've used the leave in cream and the oil when i had really damaged hair and my hair is very fine they did nothing for me but now when my hair is half way back to being healthier i'm seeing good results especially with the masque 

  23. if you leave it in for more than 7 minutes it does the completely opposite of what it's suppose to do. Be very careful about the time it's in your hair.

  24. Thanks, I went out and got it since the organix one I was using isn't sold at target no more… It's so much better! 🙂

  25. It seems like i nice masque, but i don't think i will try it. my hair is in very good condition, so i don't really need it, but i like to do home made all natural hair masks and they leave my hair feeling amazing! this is my favorite recipe :
    you will need :
    half a avocado
    coconut oil
    olive oil
    and your chocie of conditionair .
    first, take the avocado and mash it up well with a fork. then, add 2 tab;espoons of oilive oil and 2 tabel spoons of honey. then, and in a 1/4 cup of the coconut oil, and a little bit of the conditionair. mix it to gether, the applie on your, forcusing on the ends, and leave on for 20 minutes, then wash your hair.
    p.s : sorry for spelling mistakes. i am not the worlds best speller, and something seems to be wrong with the spell check.

  26. i found this at target online for only 20 dollars!!! im going to try it. 

  27. You are so beautiful. I think you look especially prettier when u wear a really light nude pink lipgloss!!!! I love the videos where you are wearing that, It's just sooooooo pretty on you. I don't think I've seen anyone look prettier with light lipgloss/lipstick!!! Especially when you were wearing the NYX gloss in heartbreaker (I'm not a stalker or anything for knowing that, I just really liked that color so I checked the description box to see what lipgloss you were wearing in that video.

  28. i think you should call this series something different because I don't really understand how "break it" would have to do a review. So before I posted this comment I was going to think of a suggestion…. I think you should call it miss or must monday

  29. Do you think Hair Chemist's Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque would be a good dupe for this?

  30. Hey Kayley, is there something you would recommend for growing hair? Tips or tricks from you? My hair use to be so long, like yours is now, and then I decided to go for the piixie cut and it was cool but I´m over it and now I want my length back!

  31. Btw, How did you curl your hair?! I love it!

  32. Thank you so much! I've been eyeing this product for a while and I will try it !

  33. I bought mine on amazon for $26 and it's double the amount of product!!

  34. Omg thanks so much! I saw that product and i didnt know if it was gonna be worth it! Im gonna buy it cuz my hair ya really thin and it tends to dry a lot in the ends! I love organix cheery blossom shampoo, i think its a great product for my type of hair, it gives me lots of volume , doesnt dry my ends and doesnt make my roots greasy!
    Thanks so much for the review on that mask!!!

  35. I have superrrr thin hair but a lot of it like you. I dance and run track at school so I wear a ponytail a lot and I find that a lot of my hair breaks off at the ponytail band… I don't use the ones with the metal or the plasticy ones, I just use the normal scunci no-breakage ones but my hair still breaks!! Is there anything you can recommend to strengthen my hair?
    Also, my hair gets split ends reeeaaalllyyy fast! It's down to my waist in length and slightly wavy, but I only use heat about once every week or two… Why is my hair splitting so quickly and is there anything I can do to stop it?

  36. I have thick, dry, curly hair and this stuff makes my hair greasy and weighed down. I normally wash my hair once or twice a week, and I have to wash my hair 2 days after I use this. I don't think the weigh-down is unique to thin hair.

  37. There's no time for hair masks these days lol

  38. My hair is really dry on the ends when I use this. Unfortunately, too much conditioning makes my hair unhealthy.

  39. This product literally changed my life. I thought this was gonna be like a product that does work. I tried it when my hair was healthy and i thought it didnt work. When I dyed my hair, it got damaged and i couldnt even brush i so i tried this product and omg it made my hair SO SOFT like it was new. No joke i would buy this product again

  40. Do you have any tips for dry scalp?

  41. Seriously? No wonder your hair ist smoother! They use silicones in this masque. 
    I won't ever use this masque. 

  42. I have a HUGE issue with this product's price! It is indeed a good mask, but in my opinion it's totally not worth the money. I'm someone who has tried countless hair masks from drugstore to really high end, and i've had similar results with masks that were half the price! I think the correlation between the price of a product and its quality is a big deal. So this is good, but not 40euros worth of good. Plus, the quantity is small AND if you take a look at the ingredients list you'll see it's mainly silicones and few oils waaaay down the list, so it doesn't contain expensive ingredients! You are basically paying the hype.

  43. Ok girl you neeeeedd to go lighter with your hair! You're stunning right now but as a light honey blonde u would be a knockout

  44. I have the same exact mask, and so does my friend, both of ours smells like juicy green apples, don't smell any vanilla musk!

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