Make Your Own Nail Polish!

Ever dream of creating your very own nail polishes?! In today’s video I’ll be showing you a fun way to create your very own custom nail polishes at home. You can choose any colors and/or glitters that appeal to you!

Enjoy! x


  1. They would be pretty for Valentine's Day

  2. I liked how you customised it yourself

  3. i fell like i have diy too many

  4. omg sandy………..i love your nails……

  5. I tried it but after sometime the eye shadow settles at the bottom

  6. This isnt making "your own nail polish" its "pigmenting your nail polish" Because she didnt make the clear base nail polish

  7. I can make this I have clear polish

  8. I have the same eye-shadow which you had.

  9. I freaked out when I read Wild Shine on the polish bottle!
    I love their shades! 🙂

  10. I use dollar store nail polish for my own colors :3

  11. Guess like if I want to make my own, I will need eye shadow

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