Hey Cuties! ♡ Finally here’s a Favorites video, I’ll try to do a favorites video every month, if you all like those and if I have enough products to talk about next month haha. Hope you enjoyed the video!! ♡ I love you all so much! XOXO


⇢ MAC Strobe cream
⇢ Benefit Cosmetics WhatsUP! Highlighter
⇢ Dose of colors liquid lipstick in Super Natural
⇢ Dose of colors lipgloss in the shade Goalz
⇢ Natasha Denona Crystal topcoat
⇢ ZOEVA Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Karnat
⇢ Nyx Cosmetics Matte liquid eyeliner
⇢ MAC Mixing medium
⇢ Dior forever foundation
⇢ Wet n Wild Photo focus foundation
⇢ Inglot pigments
⇢ Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and conditioner
⇢ Lush Dark Angels cleanser
⇢ Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched face base
⇢ Treacle Moon Shower gel
⇢ MAC Cosmetics brush cleanser
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills powder in Vanilla


  1. Hey Cuties! ♡ Finally here's a Favorites video, I'll try to do a favorites video every month, if you all like those and if I have enough products to talk about next month haha. Hope you enjoyed the video!! ♡ I love you all so much! XOXO

  2. Watching you talk is so mesmerizing. ?

  3. Thank you for doing this video. It is a big help. You look great by the way 🙂

  4. I seriously ? love you. Your one of the most creative you tubers on here. It’s so nice to also find you relatable.

  5. What shade/color is the natasha denona topcoat?

  6. your the best your makeup in stunning you should show your beautiful face more often xx

  7. Love this type of video An.

  8. Love all your videos and everything you do is brilliant. You are amazingly talented fabulous artist and your advice is expert. Keep up the good work. ? xxx

  9. I absolutely loved this video! It was so helpful and your voice is so soothing! Love your videos ❤️

  10. I enjoyed it. I especially like the hair care and shower stuff. It’s good to get a mix of stuff. Not just makeup. Well done.

  11. I am so camera shy and and awkward in my videos! ! I love your videos I would've never noticed

  12. Keep going bb I love your video's. Kisses

  13. Omg i loooove all the ginger morning products of treacle moon.. its the best smell ever ?

  14. for me, English is not my first language either, and I really admire that you dare to make this type of videos, please dont stop doing them because you are very good at this and little by little you will continue to improve as before

  15. Finally ?????

  16. Thank you An!! I love this video❤
    Cant wait for more of these types of videos!!
    You should also feel confident cuz damn! You are a goddess!!!?

  17. Oh no why were you self conscious hun? You are beautiful!!! Im really enjoying seeing videos with your whole self?

  18. It's so nice to see this kind of video on your channel ♥

  19. More videos like this plz? we love you An

  20. What color is the Natasha Denona crystal paint pot?

  21. You look so stunning! Such great recommendations! I will def be trying to hunt down that shampoo!

  22. You are stunning you have really lovely glossy hair and perfect sea blue eyes please don't delete your videos x

  23. I'm glad you're feeling more confident on camera… You seem more confident and happy, and your videos keep on getting better. Look forward to see where you go on Youtube ❤️

  24. Hello gorgeous I'm so glad that you are more confident in yourself to do more videos and I love watching you always remember you are gorgeous inside and out with and without makeup but I love your Artistry when it comes to makeup and I love to hear you talk and express yourself even more continue to make the great YouTube videos because you are truly one of my number one YouTubers that I enjoy watching may God continue to bless you

    ♿?? Shalom??♿

  25. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????

  26. ?You absolutely BeautifuL?
    ⚘???Everything is On Fucking PoinT??????
    GreaT VideO aS alwayS?
    Hope u Enjoying your fabulous WeekenD aS Well

  27. Thank you for this video <3 Like you, I'm not english so my birth language it's very different from it and I know how hard it is sometimes to find the english words to express myself, but you are doing great so please don't stop!!! <3 Loved this video, it's good to know I'm not the only one that likes Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner 🙂 xoxo from UK

  28. So glad to see you do a video like this!!!

  29. Hello) You are so cool) I saw different makeup, but I see the same level as you see for the first time) I want to tell you BRAVO) And I'm very glad that suddenly found your channel.

  30. Very nice beauty favorites!! I have that bronze by Natasha D it’s really beautiful I’m going to try the dose of colors gloss thanks for sharing you did great!!

  31. Omg I've used mane and tail for years now! I absolutely love it for my hair ! People have always asked what I use to keep my hair so shinny but I never wanted to give out me secret 😉 that's so crazy you use it as well

  32. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AN <333333333333333333333333333

  33. So happy U did this video?. Ur so Beautiful inside and out & continue to follow ur ♥. We all love you and support you ????

  34. Thank You An….. really enjoyed your favorites. I will try a few of them I think I would like. Thanks again ??

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