Marianna Bobby Pins Review | Make It Or Break It

Hope you guys don’t mind this more laid back review! I’m going to go back to my more structured ones, but this week we are keeping it chill :).

Supreme Bobby Pins by Marianna


  1. How much do they pull on hair when taking them out. I've tried some pins that were sturdy and stuff but pulled my hair out when I took my hair down

  2. great understanding of bobbypins from you 🙂

  3. Same! Lol bobby pins all everywhere! I bot a pack and gone in a week! I lose them to haha.:)❤️❤️❤️

  4. I also use the same exact box and they are amazing, a trick I do to keep them and not losing them everywhere is taking the box to my bedroom and as I remove the bobby pins l leave them in the box, and my sister and I bought the box like… 5 months ago and only some bobbypins are missing, very proud cause we used to buy a box every month (l do our hair everyday). Hope the easy tip helps (:

  5. GRRR they just phased them out of the sally stores in Mass

  6. Any tips on the "mystery of missing bobby pins"? Haha

  7. The metagrip bobby pins from sally's that come in the clear plastic containers are really good too! So price for the amount you get. 

  8. Thanks so much for these helpful tips. You are like my nee-san.

  9. Is there going to be a tutorial for this hairstyle? I'm so in love with it I can't get over how gorgeous it is!

  10. When are you submitting this prom tutorial? i am so eager to see it and try it out !! please 🙂

  11. As a hair stylist, I LOVE using MetaGrip Bobby Pins also from sally's AND they DO have them in Blonde! -hesitated to use the Marianna but I might try them now

  12. Please upload this hair tutorial !!! ?????

  13. OMG! This hair is exactly what I want for my senior prom! <3

  14. I always thought I just sucked at using bobby pins, now I think it was the bobby pins. I need to get to Sally's!

  15. I absolutely love your hair in this video! I can't wait for the tutorial! ?

  16. I just got the marianna bobby pins!! I watched your bobby pinning 101 video. Funny thing was I got them in silver (only color available on Sally's website). I hope they have more colors available soon!

  17. Does not look like these are available in the UK 🙁 which is a pity as I am struggling to find good ones to hold my hair properly.

  18. Have you ever had the rubber tips come off? My old Goodies brand pins sometimes shed their rubber tips while I'm extracting them from my hair. These sound like a great product. Thanks for the review!

  19. I just went to Sally's today to pick up some of these bobby pins and they told me they were switching to a brand called salon pro but that they are the same quality an everything!! So if anyone can't find them under the name Marianna, try Salon Pro 🙂

  20. Thank you so much this helps me!

  21. Oh, you look absolutly stunning! Cant wait to see the hairstyle tutorial 🙂

  22. Oh, you look absolutly stunning! Cant wait to see the hairstyle tutorial 🙂

  23. Thank you so much! This was actually very useful!

  24. i can't wait for the prom hair tutorial! 

  25. I love these mostly, but when I'm trying to split them open to pin specific pieces like pinning my front pieces back or pinning in my ends – and it's so tight that they end up buckling on me while I am splitting them open – it gets kind of annoying. blah.

  26. Do the rubber tips pull as you're putting them into your hair? 

  27. I love marianna brand bobby pins!  Mine are silver as thats all the store had the last time i purchased them.  I use bobby pins daily to keep my hair up while I train jiu jitsu and the box I bought last June is only half way empty.  These bobby pins are so good that you can reuse them until they get bent out of shape our start twisting as Kayley was mentioning.  Sooooo worth the investment!!

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