Mario Mushroom Nail Art


  1. 2017-2010=7years after i see this video???

  2. Please make another Mario nail design. ^~^

  3. I have that same nail art bottle..

  4. omg I have been watching cutepolish forever, and I remember when this video first came out, and me trying to the design and COMPLETELY FAILING XD

  5. Watching this in November 2014??

  6. Lol in the beginning she said Mary O xD how cute xD I love when people mix pronounce words xD

  7. Yay I love your videogame nail art! More please :3

  8. fasst schade, das deine nägel immer perfekt werden. Dadirch fühlt man sich so schlecht wenn es nicht perfekt wird.

  9. its pernounced mo-ree-oh not ma-ree-oh

  10. I have the same type and company of thee green stripe polish but mine is pink. Check my channel soon to see me doing pink mushrooms

  11. Wish I can do tht. My nails are short like ihaveacupcake nails short

  12. Can't you just use a striper?

  13. Guys it doesnt matter if she said mario wrong geesh atleast shes an expert at this??

  14. Going to attraction to by nail polish so I can do this today c:

  15. at 0:22 you said mario wrong

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