Matte Candy Button Nail Art

Easy Beginner Nail Art! Cute Candy Button Nails! DIY Nail Tutorial!


  • Dotting Tool: Here
  • Kur by Londontown – Nail Hardener & Base Coat: Here
  • Kur by Londontown – Gel Genius Top Coat: Here
  • Adesse NY – Matte Top Coat: Here
  • OPI – Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet: Here
  • KB Shimmer – Beach Please (OPI’s Hotter Than You Pink as an alternative): Here
  • OPI – Fearlessly Alice: Here
  • Nail Brush: Here


  1. Apply a topcoat to give it a S O F T A N D NEAT look

  2. Candy buttons are my favorite! I definitely need to try it once I'm feeling better ???

  3. Hannah really rox nails!!?

  4. you have beautiful nails!! this is so cute and easy!!!

  5. This is the same colours as the pansexual flag and that makes me soo happy. ????

  6. Hannah what product do u use to remove yellow stains?

  7. I hope everyone is enjoying this video!! Like I said in the intro, this is a recreation, and I plan on doing others from my old videos since I'm a perfectionist and just want all my videos in the better quality 😛 Also, no, it's not because I'm running out of ideas hahah! XD Thanks so much for watching!!

  8. wow!! so pretty!! I'll surely try it!!

  9. so cute and easy art i love ur channel ??

  10. Cristine "glossy taco" (simplynailogical)

  11. i had no problems with the old quality, it looks like there are no new ideas…

  12. the candy buttons are pretty matte, i think a matte top coat would be more true to reality :3

  13. keep doing more tutorials in blue yellow and pink polishes…plz

  14. awesome..cute and easy..really loved it!!!!

  15. Your nailart iss so neat and perfect! ❤️

  16. how spectacle you are at nail art how you keep your nails shine?

  17. Oh my gosh! I remember those candies! Do they still make them? So cute!

  18. I remember when you posted this originally and you would only paint on your thumb nail and then when you'd turn your whole hand around for the reveal ???

  19. Hi Hannah! Another beautiful design, I love matte top coat but when I put it it falls almost the next day. Does putting regular top coat before help make it last longer?

  20. I used to always bite my nails and clip them very short cause I just couldn't stand long nails on myself and my nails looked terrible, but all your videos inspired me to grow them out n take care of them so they look as good as yours, I've gone a full 2 weeks with growing them out so I'm finally on my way to better nails thanks to you ? ????

  21. I'm thumbs up #154 … excellent job! Super cute =)

  22. HannahRoxNails I love your channel so much! Keep up the good work!

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