Matte Gingham Print Nail Art


  1. Hi guys!! Hope you're having an awesome day! Have any nail art requests? Leave them below! XO

  2. I want to have nails like yours but I play the viola… so no. the struggle.

  3. Can u make a art of red and dark blue polish plzz

  4. Keith needs to try these in a Try Guys video, he'll love it.

  5. but i usally mess up because too much layers take alot of time to dru

  6. this looks great and easy to do, I'm am going to try this on my daughter

  7. I subscribed ur channel
    because ur designs are so awesome

  8. Wow ur really good i love ur videos so much I subscribe like 3-4 years ago i love u so much I follow u on ur social media and i hope i win the giveaway❤️

  9. this fantastastic ✨✨✨❤❤❤

  10. do rainbow chrome nails please!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi! Do some holo nails! ps U DESERVE MORE LIKES!!!??

  12. thank you for sharing this. i did white and orange on my mom-in-law and it was a lot easier than i thought it would be. Thanks again!!

  13. hi…luv he nails♡♡♡….i have a question, I used to be a nail biter but then I stopped…now my nails r long but the nail beds are short…do u have any method for growing them back

  14. hi hannah! love this video! the design reminds me of the bath and body works bag! 🙂

  15. Very cute mani! Love it matte ??

  16. Hannah I love your nail shape! And your naked nails look so nice, how do you keep them from staining? Mine are always oranged toned scine I ALWAYS wear nail polish. And yes I always use base coat.

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