Matte imPRESS Manicure


  1. I would want them because my nails are ugly

  2. Id like to have imoress oress in nails cause there oretty and easy to put on and i would like to have fake nails

  3. Will like to get some press on nails because I’m about to start school

  4. I would like to have impress manicure because right now my nails are not very long plus I love the densign

  5. I love them they look so cute and they r super easy to apply on!

  6. Beacuse I'm going to a wedding this month so I need them

  7. i love would love to have Impress Nails! I always love doing my nails but they always to live up to the expectations and it takes me FOREVER. Also not everyone has accsess to nail art tools and if your ever in a rush for a holiday party or an event this is perfect for on the go. (And yes i know the giveaway is over i just thought I'd share my opinion)

  8. It's so cool and beautiful
    I love it

  9. I want some impress nails because my nails are short and not very pretty

  10. I would like impress manicure Cuz they r easy to apply and no glue is needed

  11. I don't have enough time to do nail art since Holy Week is coming so if ever I'll have the chance to have an artistic manicure, I'll just go get these press ons and walk out the door!

  12. easy for people who are not very good at doing there own nails..even stamped images..with many varieties of sizes..

  13. I like to have impress manicure because i find it hard to make nail art and I always ruin it when im done, it never works

  14. i would love these imPRESS nails for prom. they are so cute and the pink ones would totally match my dress!!

  15. I would love these impress nails because my nails can't stay very long and they break easily so I would love to try it for once and I have never won any giveaway ever and it would be really nice to win. Thank you for doing this giveaway ?

  16. I love nail polish and I've never had press on nails before and I think it'd be cool to try it?

  17. I LOVE you nail art videos sooo much. I get inspired so much. I would like to have impress nails so if I have a formal occasion or I don't have access to nail polish I can still have pretty nails.

  18. i love them because they are realy easy to apply and look amazing as well

  19. i like impress manicure because its easy to apply and have beautiful designs

  20. I would like some of this impress…???, they are really easy to use

  21. I'd like to have the impress manicure because i have super shaky hands and this just makes it a lot easier for me to have a nice nail job every once in a while ?

  22. i love doing my nails but this year i've been really busy and would love something like this thats quick to apply and lasts long

  23. I'm in LOVE with nail polish and nail art! I've always watched your video's and I've already tried a couple of your nail designs. Unfortunately I don't have so much time 'cause I'm always really busy with school. These imPress nails are perfect for  quick but really really beautiful nails!

  24. i want the impress manicure nails because my family does not have enough money to go to the store and we also dont have a car to go and get them.? It would make me so happy if i could get some. Thank you for even considering me as the winner and have a nice day ☺

  25. I want These manicures so my nails won't break off

  26. I really wanna have some of those. They look really easy and I don't have to spend a lot of time during my nails. is it too late for the give away?

  27. I would love to get these because I love to do my nails and I think these are so pretty to have if you have a last minute thing and don't have time to paint your nails before you go.?❤?

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