Matte Top Coat Nail Art – Three Elegant Designs

Suzie creates three different elegant designs featuring a Matte Top Coat.

0:16 Search for perfect top coat
0:56 1st Coat: Vant To Bite My Neck? by OPI
3:07 Apply: Matte Top Coat by OPI
3:17 Apply: Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat by INM
3:44 A look at dry Matte Top Coat on fIrst polished nail
3:52 Matte Top Coat painted on other other nails
4:27 Apply: Out The Door, Top Coat by INM
6:09 Reveal Photo’s of Three Matte Top Coat Designs


  1. When she went "That looks really neat!" after adding the shine, was so cute!

  2. I don't wear polish bc my stupid nails are tiny and ugly but I love you and your designs so thank you Suzie?

  3. I wish she had peel off base coat for peel porn

  4. My nail polish doesn't dry fast at all lol ???

  5. I would say shiny glitter ruined the classy look otherwise if its a bright color I like glitter

  6. Oh my god. You clouded the holo taco? Awwww. Looked cool though.

  7. What's your favorite gel matte top?:)

  8. Can anyone suggest a particular glitter (small flake) that I can add to my No Wipe Gel Topcoat? I always like a tiny bit of shimmer, but I can't find one anywhere online.

  9. I would love to see more insane designs. Crazy nails that clients wouldn't wear normally.


  11. i thought u were Valerie Bertinelli, at first…

  12. I absolutely love this women!
    her voice is so calming & relaxing!
    keep up the amazing work! ?

  13. When I went to my middle school social I had my nail done the exact same way sparkles and all

  14. is that a gel matte top coat or just regular matte coat?

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