HEY YOU! YOU CAN SIT WITH US!!! Storybook Cosmetics just launched their Mean Girls “BURN BOOK” eyeshadow palette, and it has everything you can wish for as a plastic, haha! Today I’ll be taking the palette for a spin: are the shadows pigmented? How do they blend? Is the palette worth the money? Watch and find out, baby!!!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. The blue & green would look beautiful on you!

  3. is part of snapchat squad but still is 2 hours late

  4. Going to look at all the shadow names now.

  5. Ok does anyone know the background music like I recognize it but I don’t know what it is ahhh it’s annoying me

  6. I love the colors! When I hit pan on the Jaclyn hill pallet I’ll get this!

  7. I'm living for the eyeshadow names

  8. Kun je mij ook een keer opmaken????

  9. Nikki always comes to slay???

  10. I love all of your looks, I just wish you would have used different colors from the palette. I feel like I could do the same one with the morphe 3502 palette. Gotta see those other colors ?

  11. You do know that Spectrum Collections did a "Burn Book" brush set, don't you, Nikkie?
    Just saying, they would go perfectly with this palette and I believe it's an official collaboration as well <3

  12. I can’t stop staring at her eyes, a look hasn’t had me like this in a minute

  13. dat lipstick on ur teeth at the end

  14. Man wth YouTube ain’t giving me a notification for this ?

  15. I want it but I think it's pricey

  16. GIRL WHERE IS THAT INNER CORNER GLOW !?!!!?!!!? u slayed dat mawww yess ma'am pam

  17. It's art like really how?????? Flawless!

  18. Can you please do some actual tutorials again where you show us new techniques and more wearable looks (eg still glam less drag). Like the holiday looks you always used to post? Because I'm really running out of inspo and all youtubers seem to only be reviewing stuff nowadays. I'd really like to see you do some fall looks.

  19. Holy fuck. This is impeccable!

  20. After watching this video I’m definitely going to watch Mean Girls again!

  21. OMG Nikkie!!! You are so good at eyeshadow!!!!! Hahah I tried but I like totally sucked!!!!

  22. If you’re from Africa why are you white?

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