Medusa Halloween Hair Tutorial

Expand for info on the makeup I’m wearing
Sorry this was uploaded rather late. I’ve not been feeling well. Hopefully you guys can still use it if you like it :)!

Contour: Matte gray eyeshadow
Blush: Berry/purple toned blush – applied very lightly just on the top of the contour
Highlight: Mary Lou Manizer by TheBalm – applied heavily over the cheekbones
Black Eyeliner over the outer 1/3
Purple Eyeshadow Pencil on the inner 1/3
Blended the two colors together in the middle with a lip brush
(Disclaimer: Most eye products are not tested for use on the lips. I don’t know if it is safe to use all eye products on your lips)
Mary Lou Manizer over the whole lid
Matte Gray through the crease
Natural looking false eyelashes (I don’t remember the brand, but I always have to buy the super little ones because everything else looks drag-ish on me 😉 )
Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette (Obviously, applied rather heavily)


  1. i have a feeling my hair may be too long for this ://

  2. I got all mixed up on the third braid. For some reason I went right but when you wrapped it up, mine didn't sit normally on my head…

  3. How long are the snakes? Inch wise

  4. The final product looks like Lorde with lighter hair.

  5. Please please please make a makeup tutorial. I'm gonna try this for a party! 🙂

  6. Please do a makeup tutorial for this one! It's sooo good!

  7. Have you done a makeup collection? If not can you? Thanks!!

  8. Medusa in spanish means jellyfish lol

  9. I'm looking forward to doing this medusa style next Halloween!

  10. So I just found your channel and where have I been??? I love it, great content and quality.

  11. I have the 33 oz bottle of purology hydrate and I love it; it has lasted two years and is not empty yet!

  12. IN about 3 weeks, my school choir is going to be singing o Canada at a Canada vs. Russia hockey game, in front of 6000 people and is being national broad casted , and i can't deiced what to do with my hair! i want to curl it, but i don't know what curl pattern i should use. can you do a video, or at least recommend one of yours?

  13. Hey kinda random, but could you please do a room tour? 🙂

  14. Could you please make a video where you show all your curling irons and what you use them for? That would be very helpful 🙂 Love all your videos and hairstyles <3

  15. Yes!yes! Please do some catching fire inspired tutorials?! X

  16. Katniss
    Everdeen hair tutorial!(:

  17. i thought this was a makeup tutorial for some reason hahah

  18. Please do some catching fire hairstyles from like the trailers and promo pics

  19. I love to wear occasional hunger games styles, especially if I'm in the mood to watch The Hunger Games haha. Just because I'm silly. I'd do the same thing with harry potter if the hairstyles weren't really simple and regular except for the Yule Ball. Anyway great videos I always love seeing them 🙂

  20. Could you please make a tutorial which hairstyles work for those of us who have layers? Thanks 🙂

  21. Idk why, but you remind me of Amy from SYTYCD 🙂 !

  22. Why?! Why did this came out just now? 🙁 We made a trailer of the story Perseus before and we had a Medusa character. I had lots and lots of trouble of figuring out what to do with the hair

  23. you look gorg! what's your hair colour? really suits you 🙂

  24. I love this so much! I'll definitely be doing this next year!

  25. This looks absolutely beautiful!

  26. You found the snakes at the dollar store!?!? omg I looked EVERYWHERE cause I wanted to make a Medusa inspired hair tutorial…but I could never find them :/ I can't believe I didn't check the dollar store! lol

  27. Hi Kaley! I like the creativity in this hairstyles. I hope you will feel better soon too!

  28. Lmaoooo I thought this was a Lorde make up tutorial.

  29. Hey! I just wanted you to know that your tutorials are amazing! They have helped me so so much. Keep doing the tutorials! You are the best. 🙂

  30. The braids were lovely but I had to stop watching once snakes came into the picture.

  31. OH! This is sooo cool! Loved it!!! <3 ñ_ñ

  32. Which nail polish are you wearing? Stunning!

  33. She has another channel with make up tutorials.

  34. I suggest you using coconut oil. It should help. When was a child I had very very thick hair but when I was teenager I was eating less and less. I lost more than a half of my hair. I've been using coconut oil for a half a year and my hair grew considerably thicker.

  35. Before all the snakes came in – even just braided style would be cute for any other day of the year!

  36. Awesome 🙂 Haha, even though I knew who medusa was, from the picture at the beginning I count even tell that they were actually snakes in your hair – but I love it, what a great idea! xx

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