Mermaid Chrome: One Chrome Powder – Five Looks

Suzie and Max have fun creating 5 different looks using one Chrome Powder. This is a quick and easy way to add ‘spectacular’ to your nails!

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  1. When you understand everything Max said at the beginning and you feel proud ??

  2. What are the gel polish colors used? The color numbers by which to order on his website? Thank you.

  3. do you have to have a license to buy stuff from Max’s website

  4. Probably the best guys at you've had. He made me smile ! Bring him back 🙂

  5. OMG!!!!!!!If that's not beauty, what is?????????

  6. I'm attracted to max where do I find people like this xD

  7. Max is a real mad hatter here omg !

  8. Can you do this on regula ?? polish

  9. I only see it getting shinier but with how Suzie is so mesmerized by it, I'm guessing the camera really doesn't capture the shimmer of the pigments. It must look absolutely stunning in real life.

  10. He's beautiful, oh my god

  11. Max is gorgeous!

  12. I just love Max & Susie ? Both of you are so inspirational and artistic I just love watching both of you ! Bellissima!!

  13. Suzie, How do you fix/strengthen damaged nails that are soft, peeling, and splitting from Acrylic/SNS? I've had Acrylic nails for a year, then switched to SNS for two years. I want to have my natural nails grow. They are sooo soft and paper thin. I have no idea how to fix them. Please Help!!

  14. I do not like this kid at all

  15. Max is magical. I can't help thinking he must smell like bubble gum.

  16. I would love to see how this looks on a black nail. The white turned amazing- beautiful colour. Seemed like a perfect 'wedding white'

  17. Can we PLEASE meet camera man Suzie???

  18. What a sweet guy! His style is very different, so I'm sure that's what 99% of the haters here are hating on, but wow! What a genuinely lovely soul! <3

  19. I've never used the chrome, but since this can be used as eye shadow, then eyeshadow can be used as chrome? I love your channel, you are THE best! ❤️

  20. The debate over baking and nuking lol. My favorite part.

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